Z Nation Review: 2X03 – Zombie Road

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This week, Z Nation paid homage to Mad Max. This show just keeps getting better every week. The ideas are original and entertaining. In addition, cult followers of other franchises can have fun recognizing all the ways this show incorporates other fan favorites. In “Zombie Road”, our gang joined a convoy that is headed for Edmonton. At first, the leader of this convoy seems like he has it all together. Unfortunately, long time viewers of Z Nation know that things will eventually get ugly. Other big stars of this episode include yet another new type of zombie: The Blasters. The Blasters are people who have died from nuclear blast.


I know many people may disagree with me here, but adding an even more dangerous type of zombie for season two is what sets Z Nation apart from The Walking Dead. Our group of survivors has no time to process the death of Mack. In the zombie apocalypse, anything that can happen will happen. Sure, losing someone you love after finding them again is tough, but letting that pain take over can definitely get you killed. Addy seems like she has not stopped to even think about the events that lead to Mack’s death. She is just as strong as ever.


The convoy that our group is traveling with has one small problem – most of their members are suffering from radiation sickness and will likely die soon. I think it was great that the convoy decided to separate these men and women from the rest of the group, but I wonder if they thought about just how dangerous the Blasters can really be. Everyone who is sick must ride in a separate vehicle. However, Murphy is forced to join them because he does not exactly look like your average healthy human. Addy joins as well to keep an eye on things. This is a recipe for disaster. What could possibly go wrong in a truck full of people dying from radiation?




As everyone tries to make their way through the valley, we get a closer look at the Blasters. The nuclear explosion has done something different to these zombies. They are meaner, smarter, faster, and extremely violent. Even 10K has a hard time putting them down. Murphy is unable to control them or keep his friends safe. They are extremely terrifying. I am glad they were introduced into the show. After a while, the regular zombies stopped being as dangerous. Our main characters can handle these zombies effortlessly and Murphy can just make them strip for amusement.


At the end of the episode, Murphy and Cassandra have been separated from the group once again. Their relationship is a little strange. However, finding and smoking Z weed seems to bring a little of the old Cassandra back. I am sure we will find out the effects that Z weed has on zombies in future episodes. Although it seems to help her, she is still entirely dependent on Murphy. I hope that in future episodes 10K will be able to find a way to bring her back…if he can find the time.

Courtney Sanders