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American Horror Story Hotel Ep 5 Review “Room Service”

I learned a great lesson from this episode of American Horror Story Hotel. NEVER order room service! The pate’ may look good, but I think you may be meowing and choking on hairballs, if you eat it! That being said, Iris and Liz Taylor have a new understanding of each other in this episode. We also find out what happens when Alex, “breaks the rules” put down by the Countess. John Lowe is losing his mind and get’s remanded for it, and a kinship and scheme is put in place by Donovan and Ramona.

Donovan is such a bad son! Dragging his poor mother to Ramona’s house, while she is certainly having a bad reaction to being dead and then coming back, is not the thing to do. But he knows that his mom can be the “in” person that they both need to get one over on the Countess. Ramona agrees and they hatch a plan. Iris looks like death warmed over (pun) and is really needing a drink. But of what?

When she gets back to the hotel, she is freaking out, knowing that the Countess will recognize her as dead. She is extremely nervous, and when the Countess sneaks up on her and starts a conversation, Iris almost loses it. I am pretty sure the Countess knows, but she walks away and lets it go, for now.

Liz Taylor, seeing that Iris is in bundled knots, fixes her a drink. But it is a special drink, from the Countess’ own stock. After some friendly chatting, a now refreshed Iris listens as Liz Taylor relays his backstory.


After being turned last week, Alex shows up to work, not looking so great. She feasts on the blood at the hospital bank and then takes some of her own blood and injects it into Max, the little boy with measles, who is dying. She thinks she is saving him, but she is starting some real problems here. After he pulls through and returns home, we are surprised,(not surprised), to find that he has feasted upon and killed his parents before school.We see him next at school, where dressed as a pirate for Halloween, kills the teacher and starts a mass murdering episode, by turning more kids and they all have a free lunch free for all. I really didn’t get into this scene very much. With all of the school mass murders and such, I think that this was in poor taste, but that is just me. I don’t like to see things having to do with schools. And of course, all the kids come out, telling police it was a masked man who did the killing. Where are these kids going now? Will this start an epidemic of blood drinkers?

Back in 1984, Liz was just another “married man from Topeka” . Always feeling wrong in his skin, he was a closet cross dresser. While on a trip for his job, along with 2 other men, they checked into the Cortez. He stayed in his room and played dress up and then he met the Countess. She told him he needed to be who he was and that she could help him. After making him over and giving him all the confidence he lacked, she sent him out to get ice, dressed as a woman. Of course, he ran into his work buddies and they freaked out on him, calling him gay and queer. The Countess shows up behind them and takes the two men out. Problem solved. He is now Liz Taylor and out of respect and admiration for the Countess, he never returns to his former life.AHS
After telling his story to Iris, he makes her see that her time has come. Not to be invisible anymore and to not take anyone’s crap. While in the room with the two hipsters, she is attacked by them about the lack of service in the hotel and the crude room service. They start calling her names and screaming at her. She finally snaps and kills the woman, then the man, and she has never felt so good! Liz helps her clean up the mess and do away with the bodies. “It’s ironic,” Iris says, “I never leaned how to live until I died.
Lowe is at Headquarters, trying to explain to the Captain about the mass murderers at the party and all that he has seen. This is taken with a grain of salt by the Captain and he dismisses all of this as mental strain by Lowe. They have been carrying him along since his breakdown after Holden, and the Captain fires him. After sleeping off his being fired, he wakes up in bed with Sally. He has no memory of sleeping with her and doesn’t know how he got there. She is very upset about him not realizing that this is their fate. He tells her to get out.

Alex has no clue about what she caused to happen at the school and is greeted by the Countess when she returns to the hotel. She is told she can stay forever, as long as she doesn’t break the rules. Uh oh! She will be a governess to all the little towheads and is rewarded with a king size coffin, so the she and Holden can be together.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY -- "Room Service" Episode 505 (Airs Wednesday, November 4, 10:00 pm/ep) Pictured: Lady Gaga as The Countess. CR: Doug Hyun/FX

AMERICAN HORROR STORY — “Room Service” Episode 505 (Airs Wednesday, November 4, 10:00 pm/ep) Pictured: Lady Gaga as The Countess. CR: Doug Hyun/FX

What did you all think of this episode? Have you realized anything of importance yet? I think we will be finding out who the commandment killer is soon. What will become of Alex when the Countess finds out what she did? And will Donovan and Ramona strike soon? Let me know what you think!

American Horror Story Hotel, Wednesday at 9pm central on FX

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