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American Horror Story Hotel – Inside Devil’s Night and Preview Ep 5

I hope you had fun at the Devil’s Night party! I know it really freaked me out, thinking of partying with serial killers! What will the new episode bring? Death. mayhem, blood and gore? I hope so! It wouldn’t be American Horror Story Hotel without it! I am really anxious to see Angela Basset in this role. I am sure she will bring it up a notch or two! Her character, Ramona will get in the mix of things. Will Donovan be on her side? Is he that unhappy, that he has to try and cause trouble for the Countess? And what of Alex? We left her last week in the arms of the Countess, being turned so that she can be with her little boy, Holden. This really scared me! What will happen to Scarlet, her little girl? Will Lowe go through with the divorce she wants? Lowe appears to be going a little bit mad, ripping out walls, trying to find the truth of what he thinks he witnessed. What is his part in all of this? And what happened to Iris? Will the Countess recognize that Donovan turned his own mother? This will be a tantalizing episode for sure! Watch on Wednesday night, November 4th, only on FX.

Inside Devil’s Night

Preview Episode 5

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