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American Horror Story Hotel Review – Ep 7 ‘Flicker’

Flicker. It seems as though we took a trip, flickering back in time to old Hollywood, in the latest episode of American Horror Story Hotel. For the first 15 minutes, I thought I was watching a different series! But, we did get more a backstory to help us figure out what is going on and why. This episode, Flicker, was all about backstory. That is what we want to know, and what we need to know.

Construction workers are on scene to rehab part of the hotel, but run into a steel wall. Drake can’t be bothered to stand around and argue and he tells them to cut through it and get in there. They do and they die, of course. But who kills them? Just some old dried up dead people, similar to zombies. The couple has been locked away in this section since the 20’s and they are starving! Through a well thought out backstory, we find that the pair is none other than, Rudolph Valentino and his main squeeze, Natacha Rambovaa. Back in the roaring 20’s, the Countess was a struggling actress who was gaga (lol), over a certain sex symbol, Valentino. Meeting him at his home, she is talked into a threesome with the pair and falls in love with both of them. Valentino fakes his death to get a meeting with German director F.W. Murnau.  Murnau, who directed Nosferatu, was a strange man anyway. He went deep into Carpathian mountains and met a group of virus ridden ,non vampires who held immortal lives. He became one and then in turn, infected Valentino, who infected his wife Natacha. When the Countess finally meets back up with them, she is still in love and they infect her.


The only problem with this, is that in their absence, she has married Mr. March, partly because he saved her life when contemplating suicide over Valentino’s supposed death, and now she is residing at the hotel. When Valentino talks her into leaving March, so they all can be together, they set up a meeting at the train station. Rudolph and Natacha never show up, and the Countess is heartbroken. In a crazy fit of jealousy, March walls them up in a section of the hotel and that is where they have been all this time. But now, they are out!

12244421_987247764644540_5289955611112465041_oThey are loose in the hotel and find there way to Marcy, the realtor from Murder House, another tie in from the first season. Of course they decide to feast on her, looking more like zombies than the infected non vampires that they are. They are free to roam and devour whomever. They set off from the hotel, looking to gain back all they have lost over the years. Remember, there are also wild non-vampire children out there after the school massacre, so who knows what becomes of all of these killers. The Countess knows they are loose. She goes to have a little talk with March about all of this.
Lowe is nuts. He attacks his old partner, after showing up at yet another Communion killing. He ends up at the mental hospital. She finds out about a little girl names Wren. She speaks of her daddy. Is he the killer? She tells Lowe she was there, at all of the killings. The daddy tells her, he can’t wait till she grows up. Is there an incest plot here? The Countess spot her, and saves her from the daddy.
When Lowe and the girl escape the hospital, she and Lowe talk of the killer. “Will you kill him?” she asks. “If I have to,” says John. “I really like you,” Wren tells him, “I hate to see it end.” Then she tells him goodbye and runs away, into traffic.

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American Horror Story Hotel, Wednesday at 9pm central on FX

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