NBC’s Grimm Holiday Gift Guide For All The Grimmsters!

By: Vicki Dolenga
grimm holiday gift guide

It’s that time of year, and there are so many great Grimm Holiday Gift Guide items, so I had to put together this guide for you! Whether you’ll use it for choosing gifts for a fellow Grimmster or for sending to family or friends as a hint for what you’d like for yourself (hey, a link to what you want is easier than just telling them, right???), I hope this list will help you! Truthfully, it’s reminded me of all the awesome Grimm items I really want… ooops! Click each image below to visit the NBC store and get your favorite Grimm item from our grimm holiday gift guide.

P.S. I’m wishing that Santa Claus and NOT Krampus will be heading your way this holiday season!

To start us off… who doesn’t love the keys?? Here are your options (just click on the image). I have this keychain myself – highly recommended for any Grimm fan!











Not into keychains? No problem – check out this necklace and pin:












Are you a big Rosalee fan? Maybe you need some Spice Shop jars:
grimm-exotic-spice-tea-shop-glass-jar-15-oz_670 grimm-exotic-spice-tea-shop-glass-jar-8-oz_670









And we can’t forget the possibilities of things you can wear. Declare yourself a Grimm, or perhaps a certain type of Wesen!

00475781-237700_670 grimm-im-a-grimm-t-shirt_670










Last but certainly not least – buy previous seasons on DVD:


So which Grimm items do YOU really want this holiday season? What did you think of our Grimm Holiday Gift Guide? Are there more items you think should be added? Let us know below!

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