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Outlanderpreneurs: More Items for Your Must-Give or Must-Have List!

Oh, Outlander fans, do you have choices for gift-giving and gift-getting this year! Later this week, I’ll be showing you some of the great licensed items that are out (and there will be a CONTEST you won’t want to miss), but today, take a look at some more of the amazing fan-created, Outlander-inspired items that you can consider!

232380896Cooklander: To the Stove! 
Outlander-Inspired Cookbook

Outlander fan Debra McGill came up with the idea of producing an Outlander-inspired cookbook, and donating profits to three charities connected with the production: Diana Gabaldon’s preferred group, NPH USA (Nuestro Pequenos Hermanos; Bloodwise, supported by Sam Heughan, and World Child Cancer, for which Caitriona Balfe is a patron. She and several Outlander friends have put together a book that includes hundreds of amazing recipes!


credit: Andi Norwich

“When I had the idea for a cookbook to raise money for Cait, Diana, and Sam’s charities, I naively thought ‘collect the recipes, publish them, sell them.’  Wow.  What a learning experience!  I have pulled my hair out.  I have quit.  And I have loved every minute.  It’s been a challenge but I’ve had the backing and full support of my wonderful village, the cookbook committee, who have kept me sane.  They have made me laugh, they have worked harder than any paid employee I have ever worked with, and are the people you want at your back during times of struggle.  I’m also happy to have the love and support of my best friend, my husband Tony.  As I put in the FAQ, 3000 cookbooks is a piece of cake compared to when we helped our daughter with a refugee camp in Hungary.  Google Goodbye Hungaria and watch it, and you’ll see what I mean,” Debra says in the blog she’s set up for the project.

She added, “All proceeds go to charity. So we’re not really an entrepreneur group, more of a not for profit, take it out of our own wallets group. All pre-ordered books will go out in the mail on Friday. We’ll run a few more contests. I write the blogs, and the buck stops with me. I have a silent partner who purchased 3000 cookbooks. When all 3000 cookbooks are sold, each charity should receive close to $15,000 each. We have around 350 preordered. We did this because we believe in the charities, we had fun, and we hope to pay our own good fortunes forward.”

Here’s a sample of the table of contents:

Single books for US shipping are $25. Prices for multiple-book and international orders are also available. The book can be ordered at cooklander.com.

il_570xN.514310362_flnpChristine McGrail
Everyday Regalia

Outlander has been my favorite book series since I was 18! (I’m now 34.) Diana develops the characters so well that you feel as if you really know these people, and you fall in love with each one. It’s amazing to follow Jamie and Claire over their lifetime and read about their love and loyalty to one another. I think everyone dreams of finding their own “Jamie” or “Claire”, that one person who will love them unconditionally. Diana has so many beautiful quotes about love that I have used in my jewelry. My favorite is “If my last words are not ‘I love you’, ye’ll ken it was because I didna have time.” (And I love that Diana’s husband said that to her in real life!)
I started making glass tile jewelry in 2012 and in August 2012 I opened my Etsy shop. I began making Outlander inspired jewelry a few months later when a friend asked me to make her an Outlander inspired bracelet. All of my jewelry is made with glass tiles. One of my favorite things to make is photo jewelry and Christmas ornaments. I do a lot of custom items for customers….if I can print it on my computer, I can make it in to jewelry! In addition to photo jewelry, I have many pieces with unique designs that have mass appeal.

You can see and purchase Christine’s items in her Etsy store.

CuffMarifel Trias
Selling Out for Crazy

I’ve been an Outlander fan for years and I was incredibly fortunate to be one of 50 people to win Meet and Greet passes through a DirecTV contest to the Starz Outlander Invades LA fan event in January 2014. I wanted a gift to give to the cast and crew I would meet and to several of my fangirl friends who would be attending the event as well. (Really, wouldn’t it be great to have something that Sam would have, too?) Watching the feed on Twitter, it seemed like so many fans already sent quite a few interesting gifts and it was anyone’s guess what would be brought to the cast and crew.  From the cliché to the wacky and outrageous, who knew?

A good friend and I joked repeatedly about making a studded-leather collar or a leather wrap bracelet. Now I love wearing accessories, but not all occasions need something super-flashy or bling-y.   I’m a huge fan of anything practical and cool. Leather is cool. It just is. Pair it with an Outlander phrase or two and it’s a fan’s dream come true!  I chose using pyrography (burning) rather than stamping as I could use my own handwriting.  I just wanted it to be fun, unique, and cool. There’s nothing wrong with tartan and thistle, but sometimes those things are not always for everyone.  I’m a fan of anything trendy or fashion forward.  I considered my gifts and it was important to me that I stay away from being like everyone else.  I just wanted something that was not like the rest and to be sure it was something unique.

card beach

Selling Out for Crazy table










You could say that the LA fan event gifts given to Sam, Cait, Ron, Diana and Maril were the prototypes.  I handed out a few more that day and they were a hit! Days after that test run, it seemed like the demand was there, so it was off to Etsy to begin the venture.  22 months later business is steady.  The Outlander fandom knows they are there.  I have some great ambassadors, too.  Almost all my past customers end up giving the cuff they have away because someone will admire what they are wearing or said cuff owner needs a gift to give to Matt Roberts, a SDCC kilted-hottie, or to Ron Moore.  The repeat business is fantastic!

There are no plans of world domination at this time. However, I have branched off into other fandoms and will happily accommodate a custom order.  We’ll see how things continue as I learn new techniques and attempt to burn into new materials!

You can view and purchase Marifel’s cuffs in her Etsy store.

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