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Review: The Walking Dead “Here’s Not Here” – Morgan’s Story

We now know who Morgan is. In this episode, we saw Morgan emerge as who he is now. We saw him battle his demons and almost lose his mind and finally fall into a place where he can exist. This week, I will not recap, but will review my feelings about the episode.
I didn’t think I would enjoy this 90 minute episode featuring Morgan. Coming off of the terrible and turbulent episode of Glenn’s (apparent) death last week, all I really wanted was to see if he survived. I still believe Glenn is alive, but enough about that.
To say that Here’s Not Here, is moving, is to say the least. After so many seasons of waiting for Morgan to show up again, and maybe save the day, when he got to Alexandria, many of us weren’t to pleased. It seems our badass Morgan, who we were hoping was gonna kick butt, is now a pacifist. Much to our dismay, there is something not quite right about him. When the Wolves attacked Alexandria, he was complacent, (marked by self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies). He seemed so confident, yet allowed the Wolves to go off on a killing spree. He knocked them out and fought them, but tied to reason with them and make them leave. What the hell Morgan!
In this episode we see the madness that was lurking underneath. We see the man that had nothing to live for and killed anyone or anything in his way. That is how he survived. But was that surviving? We see him killing walkers and burning them. He clears. We even see him take out two normal people, maybe a father and son, just to clear. It is his mission, his goal and he is good at it. But his mind is bent. His sense of what to do, what he should do, is warped.

1He is screaming inside, yelling at things that aren’t there, talking to himself. When he hears the goat, something awakens in him. When he comes to the beautiful little clearing and the little log home in the woods, he seems amazed. My guess is that he viewed Tabitha the goat, (yes, she had a name), as dinner. When being warned by the owner to leave the goat alone, he resumes his stealth and steady killing mode. He attempts to shoot the man but fails as the man knocks him out.

2When we meet Eastman, he is not what we expect. He is a calm man, almost happy in his little slice of woods. He sees Morgan as another human being. Someone who needs help, and help is what he offers. Eastman is a forensic psychologist. He is trained in helping people. He tried to help many convicts in jail. Trying to sort them out and fix them. There was one he couldn’t help. An evil man, who later killed his family. He came out here, built a jail cell and intended on using it to house this inmate. Now it houses Morgan. He feeds Morgan. Not to much is said. Morgan feels defeated and screams “Kill me”, over and over again. This man Eastman is not going to do it. He entrusts Morgan with the goat that night. “You tried to shoot me, I fed you, please don’t hurt her” Eastman says.

Eastman is somewhat of a magician. He gets Morgan to open up. Morgan watches him, constantly observing the man. Eastman threw him the book about peace. Morgan is still somewhat clouded, tries to make a break for it, digging at the bars to the cell. But we find that Eastman hasn’t locked him in. The door is unlocked, it always has been. What is locked is Morgan’s mind. Locked into PTSD. Locked in a very dark place. Loving his son so much, and trying to keep him safe, then, not being able to kill the walker that was once his wife. And seeing that woman, that he used to love, rip his boy apart. That would make anyone lose their mind. Put yourself in Morgan’s shoes for a moment and see if you can relate.
Eastman finds these little things out, little pieces of Morgan. The writers want us to realize what Morgan has been through and what it has caused him to become. I see it. I watched several times to get it all, but I’ve get it now. Eastman brings out the good in Morgan. He makes him see, he opens the door in Morgan’s mind. Of course being a psychiatrist, Eastman knows what to do and what to say. But considering that he, himself, has been down that dark road to breakdown, he did a fair job at bringing Morgan out of it. Eastman has also killed a human. The evil inmate he tried to help. The evil man he couldn’t help. The evil man who killed his family.

Eastman built the jail for him. He kidnapped the man, and locked him up. He starved him to death. It took 47 days. By the time it was finished, Eastman was in the same dark place as Morgan. He want back to the city to turn himself in, and that’s when he found the world was over. There was no one to turn himself into.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones and John Carroll Lynch as Eastman - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Lennie James as Morgan Jones and John Carroll Lynch as Eastman – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Eastman has taught Morgan peace. Aikido.  Aikido is often translated as “the way of unifying (with) life energy” or as “the way of harmonious spirit.” The goal was to create an art that practitioners could use to defend themselves, while also protecting their attacker from injury. I am so sorry that Morgan learned this. Personally, I think it is dangerous to think that way in this deadly world. But we have, what we have. Although it is a touching thought. It won’t work here in this time. And we see why, after the attack of the Wolves. he let some go, (only for them to attack Rick later.)

When Morgan seems whole again, and in peace, Eastman gets attacked. Morgan is too late to stop it. Eastman is bitten. Still burying even the walkers. “Life is Precious”. All life including the evil and the walkers. Eastman says Morgan can stay and live there. There is power and food, but he also knows Morgan can’t stay. Morgan has a mission. Morgan has his stick. Eastman gives Morgan the lucky rabbit’s foot that his daughter gave him. Eastman wants the gun that he has locked away. Morgan is shown leaving the cabin, walking past the newly marked grave of Eastman’s. Then we flash forward to now.

20151104_091440Morgan is in a basement. With the Wolf leader he let go at the end of the last season, and the one we thought he killed in episode 2. He has been telling him the story of how he got to where he is. The Wolf wanted everything that Morgan had, and now he has it. Morgan thinks this will work on the Wolf, but it won’t.  The guy is injured, cut badly, and may die. The Wolf leader tells him, “I’m am going to have to kill you Morgan. I’m going to have to kill every person here, every one of them, the children too — Just like your friends Eastman’s children. Those are the rules. That’s my code. I’d say I’m sorry, but you said it, right? Don’t ever be sorry.” Morgan locks him in and leaves.20151104_091245_resizedOne last thing,Rick….we heard him right at the end of the episode as he yelled for people to open the gates to Alexandria, something which was confirmed by closed captioning, and also the The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page.

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