Supernatural 1105 Review: “Thin Lizzie” Got a Little Whack-y

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“The Darkness is coming. It’s so peaceful. It’s coming for all of us.” ~ Sydney

While “Baby” was full of fan nods (though I missed quite a few since it’s been far too long since I’ve watched earlier seasons and episodes), “Thin Lizzie” really hit it home for me this weekIt was classic Supernatural. The Supernatural that originally got me hooked on the show. It had jokes and hunting and even some plot movement regarding the big bad Amara. Perhaps best of all, though, was Sam geeking out about finally having a chance to visit The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum. The episode was sadly missing Cass and Crowley, but it was still pretty great even without those two gracing the screen with humorous misunderstandings and questionable morals.

Since Cass has become such a strong part of the show, I will always notice his absence. At the same time, however, the majority of his storylines tend to be fairly dark and serious lately. I love seeing Cass on the show, but I don’t mind when Sam and Dean head off on their own for lighter episodes like this. At least they are still bringing him in with some humorous touches like his Netflix binges, something we can all relate to at times. As Dean has noted in the past, we’ve all been there. You truly never realize how addicting a show can be until you have every episode available to watch consecutively. I will always enjoy the show with Cass present, but “Thin Lizzie” captured the essence of Supernatural and despite the absence of this much-beloved character, it was a lot of fun to watch. Honestly, “Thin Lizzie” was closer to my expectations than “Baby” turned out to be. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed “Baby,” but I liked “Thin Lizzie” a bit more.

Screenshot from "Thin Lizzie" on

Screenshot from “Thin Lizzie” on

While investigating the axe-murders of a young couple, Sam was epic in his nerdiness about Lizzie Borden. When he came to the realization that it wasn’t a ghost after all, but numerous hoaxes set up to dupe patrons, he was even a bit disappointed. Until, that is, he realized the possibility that Amara was behind this. I admit, I was a little disappointed that this wasn’t a ghost hunt after all, yet I was also relieved. You know, they’ve been there, done that. Time for a new twist…and that came in Amara. I wonder if Crowley let her go or if she snuck out and next week Crowley will attempt to put his foot down when he discovers the tween Amara has grown into a teenager due to this excursion.

Although the episode did start with some good old-fashioned Supernatural and a lot of jokes thrown around, including a Ghostfacers reference among other fun things, introducing Amara into the mix took the show forward and brought about a few interesting points, namely in the way people react to losing their souls. We’ve seen the murderous inclinations of the soulless time and again, but then we meet Len. Len is different. Rather than become a homicidal loon, he simply became an empty vessel. I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to suddenly lose interest in everything I love. Imagine if one day you wake up and that TV show you love, the art, the writing, your favorite sports, all of it just becomes meaningless to you. It’s sad to think about and I kind of ended up feeling sorry for the poor soulless goof. Despite his new soulless existence, he still did the right thing in the end. He saved Sam and Dean by killing Sydney and when he realized what that would mean for him, that he would absolutely kill again, he decided to turn himself in to ensure that he wouldn’t hurt anyone else…at least anyone outside of prison. It was an interesting twist to the soulless realm. And did you happen to notice the name of the bar where Sydney had been drowning her sorrows? Molly’s Hatchet Room. I found that amusing.

Screenshot from "Thin Lizzie" on

Screenshot from “Thin Lizzie” on

Sydney’s reaction to Amara’s soul stealing antics was also intriguing. I wonder if Amara would have taken her soul if Sydney hadn’t insulted her by calling her an angel. An innocent mistake, but damn, Amara clearly does not like angels! I wonder why she despises them so much…those suck ups. Although, from what we’ve seen of angels on the show, I don’t blame her for it. It was also interesting that she helped Sydney prior to stealing her soul. That ecstasy-orgasm-chocolate cake sort of help you don’t get every day. Were her intentions good at this point? Or was she just playing with the little peon before taking her soul? Cat and mouse games. Or was this how she kept Sydney from becoming merely an empty vessel like Len, but rather a faithful, goddess loving minion? How many others has she turned to the dark-side before removing their souls?

With Amara hitting the teen years next week, will Sam and Dean finally meet the nearly fully grown girl? Or will we have to wait until Amara reaches adulthood and takes on the form she had in Dean’s vision? What will happen when Dean and Amara finally do meet? Is she really The Darkness? A Goddess? Something else? I guess we’ll just have to keep watching to find out!

Quotable Quotes from “Thin Lizzie”

Dean: A B&B and a museum?
Sam: Yeah
Dean: That doesn’t sound like a tourist trap at all.

D: Wait a minute. I know what this is. this has something to do with your freaky fetish for…for serial killers.
S: It’s not a fetish.

D: What do you want to do about Cass?
S: Oh. He’s knee-deep in binge-watching The Wire. Just started Season 2.
D: Oh yeah. He’s not coming out for a while.

D: Working with family can be tough.
S: *Looks at Dean*

D: I don’t know where to put my eyes. I think I’m going to throw up.

S: I guess you’re going to have to get another room, because this was Lizzie’s original room and I’m not giving it up.
D: What? Are you 4?

Screenshot from "Thin Lizzie" on

Screenshot from “Thin Lizzie” on

D: What is that smell?
S: I think it’s this. It’s like a lavender toilet water.
D: Bottled toilet water? Why do you keep spraying it?!
S: I just wanted to see if the squeezy thing worked.
D: Wow.
S: I think it was supposed to be a perfume or something.
D: All right. Well, I’m going to go check out the rest of the inn, ‘cause now I got grandma all over me, so…

D: I got to get out of this doily coffin.

S: Maybe we’re dealing with a serial killer.
D: Oh. You’d love that, wouldn’t you?

Amara: I wish I were. I want to see where Lizzie axed her folks.

A: Lizzie definitely hacked them. You can see it in her eyes. Serial Killer eyes.
A: *Looks at Len with serial killer eyes*

Len: Just playing the part of what I used to be. You know, fake it till you make it…or feel it.

L: I’ve always been …odd and quirky, but I had life, friends. And now, I remember how to talk to people, what to say. But I feel like I’m acting, going through the motions. I’m like a robot, puppet man.

D: We can’t kill him, because he hasn’t done anything yet.
S: Dean…we don’t want to kill him.

A: I found this place on my own. I like dark places.

Screenshot from "Thin Lizzie" on

Screenshot from “Thin Lizzie” on

Sydney: Oh, I feel like… I feel like ecstasy-orgasm-chocolate cake. You’re an angel.
A: Do I look like a whiny-winged suck up?

Sydney: Amara took away the pain. She lightened something in me.
D: Except now you’re an axe murderer.

A: Bye, Dean. I’ll see you soon.

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