The Walking Dead News – Negan Has Been Cast!

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Great news today for all you Walking Dead fanatics! Negan has been cast! After all the rumours and speculation, AMC has cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan , to play the hated, monstrous iconic role of Negan, the f-bomb-dropping dastardly character. In the comics, Negan is a really scary bad guy. He is violent, crude and hypnotic in his way. He is the character responsible for the death of Glenn, in the comic series. He takes Glenn’s life by wielding a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat, who he affectionantly calls Lucille. Now we all know that Glenn is missing and presumed dead after the “Thank You” episode, but the truth is, that is not set in stone. If Glenn has survived, will Negan be the one to end him? We will see.

Jeffrey_Dean_Morgan_Photo4This news comes as a shock to those who thought that Garret Dillahunt was the number 1 pick for this role. Also considered were Matt Dillon and Timothy Olyphant. Jeffrey, who is currently starring opposite Julianna Margulies on The Good Wife, will play the infamous Walking Dead comic book character on the AMC show. Negan is the leader of the Saviors, a ruthless group of survivors and actually kills Glenn with Lucille, his baseball bat covered in barbed wire. So…even if Glenn (Steven Yeun) survived that zombie herd (we’re 99 percent sure he did), he may not be too long for The Walking Dead TV world. Also in Robert Kirkman‘s comic series, Rick Grimes and his group in Alexandria battle with Negan several times before ultimately defeating the character (with some help from the inside) and Rick takes Negan prisoner.(Courtesy of E! Read here)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has appeared in all sorts of film and TV. I first saw him in the movie, P. S. I Love you with Gerard Butler. I loved him then! He has since been in many series. Magic City, Grey’s Anatomy and Supernatural are a few. This is not his first trip into comic book land either, he starred in the movie adaptation of the classic comic story Watchmen.

Jeffrey is not the only new cast member in our beloved series. Luck star Tom Payne has been cast as Paul Monroe, known to comic readers as Jesus, a pivotal character in the comic series. Payne’s previous credits include roles in The Physician, and on Waterloo Road and Skins. The character Jesus, was first introduced in issue 91 of the comics. He is a resident at the Alexandria Safe-Zone who moved to the community from another group called the Hilltop Colony. The character is a rare logical man and skilled adviser with a strong sense of morals and values who is well-adapted to the new world. The character, still alive in the comics, becomes a key member of the group in the comics ahead of the war against The Savors and major villain Negan. The casting comes on the heels of Xander Berkeley being added as an undisclosed character from the comics, presumably Hilltop leader Gregory.

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