Fairy Tail Part 18 Review – Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc

By: Robert Prentice
Fairy Tail Funimation

New release time for anime and we have our look at the most recent english dub release in the Fairy Tail series. Part 18 begins the anime only filler arc called the Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc. Part 18 covers only the first half of the arc but we get to see each of Lucy’s spirits like we have never seen them before. And if you thought Virgo was a sadist before, she moves that up 100x in her alternate form.

Filler arcs are just there to pass some time before jumping back into the main story and the last arc was outrageously long, so this was a nice break. it does have a very loose tie in with the previous arc making references to the Eclipse project and its relationship to the disturbance in the celestial world. Overall its a fun addition that even gets you some Gray doing an epic dance battle!

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Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc

After Fairy Tail makes a triumphant return to Magnolia, it’s back to business as usual. The guild starts taking on some seriously odd jobs and gets a sneak peek into the daily goings-on of the Sabertooth Guild—but when something strange starts happening to one of their own, it’s a sure sign that things are about to get serious. 

Lucy begins having trouble summoning her celestial spirits, and when they finally appear, they’ve transformed into opposite versions of themselves with no memories of her. When the angry spirits demand their freedom at any cost—even death—it’s up to the guild to enter a series of unusual battles to seal them away until the mystery of what’s gone wrong in the Celestial Spirit World can be sorted out. 

From an epic dance battle between Gray and Cancer, to Lucy trying to escape a sadistic Virgo—it’s up to Fairy Tail to save the celestial world from itself.

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