AMC's Into The Badlands Comic. Copyright AMC.

‘Into The Badlands’ Digital Comic: M.K’s First Victim

By: Robert Prentice
amc AMC Into the Badlands

Into The Badlands Digital Comic has begun to get very intense and the distinct differences among the barons has been meticulously thought out and shown on screen. Each baron has they regent and each baron has their ‘product’ that supports everyone in the badlands. Quinn is opium, The Widow was oil and Jacobee we assume from his symbol is mining minerals. Each also has unique dress and color schemes that help you separate them out: Quinn is red, The Widow is blue and Jacobee is black. Each of these little details simply adds to the intriguing larger story of Azra and the world of the badlands as we get deeper into it. The writers manage to sneak a small bit of the bigger story with each passing episode.

One of the bigger mysteries is just what exactly happen with MK on that boat and just where did he come from. Well the first chapter of the digital comic about MK’s past gives us a look at his first victim. Check out the first part of MKs story which will be concluded on 12/18.

Be sure to visit AMC’s website and sign up to be the first to know when more chapters are released. Read the first 40 pages of the comic series here: AMC Digital Comic: Into The Badlands

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