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Supernatural 1110 Preview: “The Devil in the Details” with Santa Claus?

With the mid-season finale leaving Sam’s fate in Lucifer’s hands and Amara’s fate unknown (but most likely perfectly fine), it’ll be a long wait for Supernatural to return in January. “The Devil in the Details” looks to be an interesting one, too… with Lucifer as Santa Claus? That’s right, Santa Claus. As Crowley opens presents with his mom and is excited to find he got a Sam (loved that), Lucifer comes a-knocking dressed as Santa Claus. Since Supernatural isn’t scheduled to return until January 20th, it seems a bit late for the holiday festivities, but maybe that’s precisely why they decided to wait. Holidays are fun, but on Supernatural, they can be disturbing. Then again, that may just be a slight blip to an overall dark episode with Lucifer’s escape from the cage. We’ll just have to wait until “The Devil in the Details” airs to find out exactly what is happening here. One thing we know for sure, Mark Pellegrino is back as Lucifer! (If you haven’t figured it out already, I really loved that character.) Check out the trailer below and remember to tune back into The CW in January to see an all-new episode of Supernatural!

Supernatural returns January 20th, 2016 at 9/8c on The CW.

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