Supernatural Gift Guide: A Few Favorites from Our Supernatural Wish List

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With the holidays just around the corner, you may be struggling for ideas for the Supernatural fan in your life or maybe you’ve done your shopping and are just looking for a cool gift for yourself because the people in your life just don’t get your obsession. Here are a few ideas to get you started and some of our favorites that we’ve added to the list this year.

Funko POP Vinyl Characters

With the popularity of these characters continuously growing, it’s no surprise that Supernatural has a few available! You’ll want to add these to your collection! Plus, they’ll make a great addition to any bookshelf or desk! The Supernatural characters include Sam, Dean, Castiel, Charlie, and Crowley among others and most are around $10.00 on Amazon.

Funko POP Vinyl Characters on Amazon


Supernatural: Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting

Bobby may not be gracing us with his brilliance much on Supernatural these days, but you can, at least, check out Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting written by David Reed. With high ratings and customer reviews, you might even find a new favorite to love and add to your collection. This book is available on Amazon for under $10.00!

Supernatural: Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting


OuijaSupernatural Ouija Board

Perhaps you’re a fan of games and the supernatural, which means you’ll like this one and who knows? Maybe you’ll attract a bonafide ghost or talk to Bobby for a bit. Don’t worry about the dark entity Zozo though. Presumably, the Z is missing so Zozo can’t contact you when you play. You can find this one on Amazon for less than $25.00.

Supernatural Ouija Board

Quote keychains

Who doesn’t love a good quote from Supernatural? They have some of the best one-liners and insults in the entertainment industry, and many fans have taken advantage of these quotable characters. Two of our favorites were made into some pretty great Supernatural-inspired keychains over on Etsy.

Cakeholew Keychain image from Etsy:

This “Driver picks the music; shotgun shuts his cakehole” keychain comes from craftylikeamonkey on Etsy and for just $11.50, you can shove this hand-crafted keychain in your shotgun’s face whenever he or she tries to change the station.

Order this keychain from Etsy

idjitAnd while the show will never be the same without Bobby Singer, you can fondly remember him with this “Idjit” keychain from Etsy seller MsFabDesigns. You can own this hand-crafted keychain for $10.00 and support an artist while you’re at it!

Order this keychain from Etsy

Minimalist Poster Print

Perhaps you’ve got a few cool collectibles already and are just looking for something to hang on your wall. If that’s the case, then this Supernatural-inspired minimalist poster may be just what you need! Created by Etsy seller, AbbieImagine, you can purchase this for under $11.00. Or you might find a poster from another show and support a fellow fan in multiple obsessions!

Order this Minimalist Poster Print from Etsy


There are so many more Supernatural possibilities out there it would take years to get through it all, but we hope this list will, at least, get you started with some ideas for the fan in your life….even if that fan is you.

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Carrie Hildebrand