‘The Expanse’ 102 Preview ‘The Big Empty’

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Fresh off the heels of Dulcinea, the episode that is the talk of social media as I publish this piece, we have the preview for episode 102. It is entitled ‘The Big Empty’  and the story just keeps on building upon itself.

Now, as the story builds, it gets more interesting and more suspenseful. I don’t know about anyone else but I am hooked, and I am already hoping that this show gets renewed!  If we base the show being the talk of social media, then chances are pretty good that it will be renewed.


Holden and his crew fight for their survival in a heavily damaged ship, and Miller uncovers clues about Julie Mao, as water rationing hits Ceres. On Earth UN Deputy Undersecretary Chrisjen Avasarala interrogates a Belter terrorist.

I have had the extreme privilege of watching the episode that will be airing tonight, and all I can say is ‘hold on to your hats’, because you are in for a wild ‘space’ ride!  Dominique Tipper (Naomi Negata) noted on her Twitter today that ‘shit hits the fan, HARD’! I would say that this is an accurate statement.

There was a lot of activity from quite a few actors’, and writers’ of the show on social media last night. I was finishing up my review last, as I was watching, and attempting to live tweet with the actors and other fans’. Cas Anvar (Alex Jamal) really has a blast interacting with fans via Twitter and Facebook Live, which for the first time did not freeze up or pause on me while watching the live video.

My fellow writer and editor here at Three If By Space, Tom, did say that he was very friendly, and loves to be asked questions. I like that the whole cast is very friendly to fans of the show. If you happen to be online tonight, while watching ‘The Big Empty’  be sure to look out for tweets from the writers’, and the cast! Feel free to interact with them, they really do love it! I could tell that they were just as excited about the show as the fans were. They all really have a lot to be proud of! How excited are you to watch the episode tonight? Sound off below!

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