The Magicians: Ep. 1 Special Preview Airs Tonight & A Contest!

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Syfy’s really throwing it all out there lately – both Childhood’s End and The Expanse airing this week, and lots of exciting new original programming starting in January, They’ve been working with a new strategy – releasing the first episode (or, in the case of The Expanse, the first four) early to get viewer interest. So in that vein, the first episode of one of the January shows, The Magicians, will air tonight after the 2-hour finale of Childhood’s End. See below for a little contest!


Should you watch? Did you love Harry Potter, but wish for something a little more… grown-up? Wish you could go through the cabinet and into Narnia? Ever try to make things move or catch on fire, or listen to hear someone’s unspoken thoughts? Then yes. Yes, you should watch.

The Magicians starts as the story of Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph), a college student who has always felt out of place, and is fascinated by what us muggles call magic. He and his childhood best friend, Julia (Stella Maeve), are led to testing for a “graduate school” program at the mysterious Brakebills University, where Quentin is accepted, and Julia is rejected. There are the cool kids, the nerds, the estranged, the talented, and the weird and scary.

This show is definitely more grown-up than Harry Potter, but younger – since it deals with college-age students – than most of Syfy’s recent offerings. But the idea – that not only is there an American magic (they don’t go as far as saying “wizarding”) school, but also a potential showdown coming – Quentin is told that he’s being looked for by a shadowy bad guy – is fun and intriguing. Hopefully, future episodes (the show actually starts January 25) will fulfill the promise of this first, world-building episode!

And now here’s some more fun for you – the press kit that Syfy mailed out for this show was one of the most extensive that I’ve seen, and had all kinds of fun stuff in it! While I’m saving most of the items for giveaways once the show actually starts, I’ll give you the chance to win a Brakebills University scarf and hat! We’ll do a real quick, real easy little contest – just enter through the Rafflecopter box  below. One winner will be drawn over the weekend, and like magic, you’ll have yourself a new hat and scarf.


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The Magicians on Syfy – Episode 1, Early Preview Tonight, Dec. 16 – 10 pm Eastern/9 Central
The Magicians Website

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