American Horror Story Hotel – Ep 511- Preview ‘Battle Royale’

Have you all suffered from American Horror Story Hotel withdrawals over the holidays? Now we can get back to the swing of things on Wednesday night! The next episode, Battle Royale will give us all the horror fix that we missed so much. It’s been a quiet few weeks as AHSHotel took a little vacation. In the last episode, She Gets Revenge, we found Liz Taylor on the upside, getting a reunion with his beloved son and finally getting his acceptance. That being said, Liz and Iris decide dying is not for them and end the episode with a blaze of bullets and glory, on the Countess and Donovan. Are they dead? Will they now become part of the haunted hotel forever? And now that we know the Commandment killer is our beloved John Lowe, will he succeed in getting his tenth victim, and be welcomed in the mass murder Hall of Fame? There are so many little story lines to be tied up and there are only 2 episodes left! Sally is in love with John, John wants his family back together, and who knows what will happen in the end! Some characters are immortal, with the vamp virus, some are ghosts that haunt and in my opinion, the only one who is truly left alive, really alive, is, Liz. Will she(he), be the surviving force in the hotel? Do you think that Liz, with the help of Iris, get the Hotel Cortez back in the game? Will they be able to clean up the terror and murder ridden place, and send all the haunted souls to their final peace? Can they make it as spectacular as it once was? What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below!

Preview of AHS Hotel Ep 511-Battle Royale

American Horror Story Hotel, Wednesday at 9pm central on FX

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