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Arrow 410 Extended Preview – “Blood Debts” Will Bring Revenge and Death

By: Alisha Bjorklund
Arrow Arrow Season 4 Olicity

Arrow 410 Extended Preview – “Blood Debts” Synopsis:  In this episode, Anarky returns. Oliver (Stephen Amell) must deal with the devastating consequences of Darhk’s (guest star Neal McDonough) last attack. Seeking revenge, Oliver goes on a brutal manhunt looking for Dahrk. Jesse Warn directed the episode written by Oscar Balderrama & Sarah Tarkoff (#410).

Things still aren’t looking good for Felicity. In this new preview, we get a better idea of the aftermath from Darhk’s attack on Oliver and Felicity. One of them will be rushed to the hospital and the other one will go on the warpath (again). Our villain of the week will be Anarky, who will no doubt cause complications in Oliver’s plan to hunt down Darhk. On a brighter note, Mama Smoak will be in the episode! But what could the “complications” be that Thea mentioned? And even with Digg backing him 100%, can Oliver keep a level enough head to not make a fatal mistake against these dangerous men?

As for the upcoming death, I still think Felicity is the red herring. This preview is trying really hard to convince us that Felicity will die, but I just don’t see that happening. Rest easy, Olicity fans! As for who will actually die, I’m more uncertain, but my Number One Candidate is Laurel. I think the complication with Felicity’s surgery will be resolved in some pseudo-science way (similar to Ray’s nanobot healing). And as for Anarky, I don’t know what will happen to him, but I’m pretty excited to meet him regardless!

What do you think will happen? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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