Buffy season 10 issue 22

Buffy the vampire slayer season 10 #22 – Review

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cover of buffy season 10 issue 22Spike meets up with an old flame, Willow starts working with the army which doesn’t sit well with Buffy. This review contains spoilers.

WRITTEN BY: Christos Gage
PENCILS: Rebekah Isaacs
INKS: Dan Jackson
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: December 23

This series of Buffy has done one thing really well, and that is to build on the relationships between the main characters. No they are not the same as they were in the TV series, but then again they are adults now, no longer teenagers. Their identities as slayers and witches and also magic is out in the open and no longer explained as crazy pcp related incidents. So the Buffverse has changed, it felt like the two first comic series didn’t really know what to do with itself and it all was a bit up and down and all over the planet. This series has pulled it down a notch, the scoobies are mainly in San Francisco, and as well as fighting bad guys, they are fighting their inner demons and problems. This issue is a good example of that;

In the last issue, Satsu tricked Buffy into working with the army, and Buffy hasn’t got a great deal of confidence for the greencladded lot. Not with them telling the world slayers were terrorists, nor the old dealings with the initiative. So when Willow breaks it to Buffy that her new high-tech job actually is helping the army fight demons using some bad ass cyber magic, Buffy is rather furious with her. it doesn’t matter that Willow tells Buffy that both the magic council and Kennedy is also working with the army.

Feeling low she confides in Spike, who has just come back from seeing old flame Dylan. Dylan told him that thanks to him coming into her life and then leaving very swiftly, she used that as a catalyst to get up and get on with her life and her art. She invites him to her first vernissage. Buffy finds this invite and questions Spike about it, wondering why he didn’t tell her. He confesses to having had something with Dylan, and that he wasn’t sure if he should go. Buffy tells him that he should not worry so much about how he should handle her and just be honest with her and also be her friend first and foremost.

Spike and Buffy goes to the gallery and has an ok time there. Dylan gives Spike a painting and I get a feeling she hasn’t given up hope on old Spike, even though she is perfectly nice to Buffy too.

Willow is bonding with her new boss, you can clearly see that there is a budding romance on the card here, but is the hard army woman to be trusted? Willow and Buffy both realizes on their separate dates that they need to talk to each other and the meet up at their flat. Here they admit to each other that they both have changed, but that doesn’t mean they should drift apart any further even if they don’t agree with what the other works with. Ice cream is shared and all is good…for now.