‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 5B Key Art Is ‘Eye-Catching

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The second half of Once Upon A Time’s season five will start again in March, and today we were treated to the key art for the underworld storyline. We may have to wait until March to find out if Emma, and the rest of our heroes (sans Rumple because he is on my s**t list) can bring Hook back to life.

On the bright side, we have this stunning new key art, and it is definitely ‘eye-catching’ and I bet you will find yourself staring at it more that you should. I won’t hold it against you, because it is visually stunning!

Image courtesy of ABC

Image courtesy of ABC

The beautiful picture above is a great opening to talk about Souls Of The Departed, which marks the shows’ 100th episode, and brings back quite a few villains. I know that it might not be a popular opinion in this fandom, but I do wish that the writers’ would have either, A, introduced us to a new villain, or B, have the story of the two dark ones continue on into the Underworld. I think that would be my only complaint, if you can call it a complaint!


I don’t know what the second half will have in store for us, but I imagine that we are going to be in for one hell of a wild ride, Once Upon A Time style! What do you think of the key art for season 5B? Sound off in the comments below!


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Diane Selburg