Winn (Jeremy Jordan) and his father Winslow Schott (Henry Czerny) aka Toyman. Photo by CBS.

Supergirl Episode 110 – Childish Things

Just when you thought the family drama was over, “Childish Things” will ramp it up! Last week Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) found herself in a stalemate with her aunt Astra (Laura Benanti).   Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) has refused protection from the DEO and Alex suspects he is up to his usual tricks. We know he’s got one scary young lady in a secret room and cast lists attribute her as Bizzaro Girl. Hank’s (David Harewood) true identity was revealed to Kara and the two seem to find a new way to bond over shared super powers. Check out the first sneak peak for episode 10:

Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) has tentatively put her suspicions about the Kara-Supergirl connection to rest, and we see her move to offer Lucy (Jenna Dewan Tatum) a job in this episode. What is Cat’s end game? I can’t imagine James (Mehcad Brooks) will be too enthusiastic over his girlfriend being his new colleague.

And finally, the crux of the episode: our favorite underdog Winn (Jeremy Jordan) has to contend with the return of his father Winslow Schott (Henry Czerny) aka Toyman.Schott senior has been in prison for murder after he killed half a dozen people with a bomb disguised as a toy. The two have been estranged ever since and Winn looks none to pleased that his father is seeking him out. Oh, and then there’s the fact that Winslow wasn’t technically released from prison . . . he broke out!

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) has vowed to return Winslow to prison but the crafty Toyman may have some tricks up his sleeve. There are certainly a number of dangerous toys lying around that could thwart his capture. Will Supergirl stop Winslow before he can hurt anyone? What new information will we glean about Winn’s background? Will this situation finally bring Kara and Winn together? Watch “Childish Things” Monday January 18th to find out!


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