‘The Expanse’ 106 Preview ‘Retrofit’

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Well, it won’t be long before Retrofit, the sixth episode of The Expanse hits the airwaves. Airwaves? Do people still say that, and does it even pertain to television? Oh well, it doesn’t matter!  What does matter is that another episode will be on our big screen television sets tomorrow night, and in all it’s space glory!

When we last left our fab four,they were preparing to meet ‘The Butcher’ (Chad L.Coleman) and Miller was bagged and tagged with a taser. I just love how the story just keeps building upon itself, and how we are slowly being fed the answers to questions we have each week. Of course, those answers might lead to more questions, but that is what is so great about this show. You just have to keep tuning in to find out those answers, even if you have read the book series. I know that bookies (I am one) like to see how a certain part of the book plays out on screen.

Are you ready, Expansers? I haven’t yet figured out what to call us fans, so that will have to do for now!  Do you have any ideas? If so, sound off below!! Look for my review of Retrofit soon and let’s discuss the show!!

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Diane Selburg