‘The Magicians’ Premiere Tour Plus ‘No Broken Hearts’ Trailer

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The Magicians television show on Syfy started a magical premiere tour, showing the pilot episode in select cities. What is even more magical about it is that the screening is free, and guests will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis.


As you can see from the above picture, the Los Angeles and Austin premieres have already occurred, and judging by the pictures I have seen on the show’s official Facebook page, a good time was had by all. The next premiere will be in Miami on Tuesday, January 19th and fans of the book series can get their RSVP in at The Magicians Tour for the next three premiere dates.

I love that song, No Broken Hearts, performed by Bebe Rexha, that is playing during the trailer. She has a great voice, the beat is awesome (makes you want to dance) and she will be performing live at the premieres!


I hope that a blast is had by all that RSVP to see the premiere, and to let me know all about it. If there is anyone who hasn’t watched the premiere episode of The Magicians, you still have plenty of time to do so. If not, you can enjoy a two-episode premiere on January 25th. I will be live tweeting, if you are into that sort of thing!

This Tuesday afternoon, the very day of the Miami premiere, I will have the opportunity to interview the executive producer of The Magicians, Sera Gamble, and actor Jason Ralph (Quentin Coldwater). I know that the show already has quite a few fans under it’s belt, so if you have any questions for these two,  feel free to leave them in the comments section of this post! You can also let me know if you or anyone you know are planning to attend the premieres listed above!!

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Diane Selburg