The Walking Dead ‘AMC Shares New Photos From Season 6’

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AMC has released some new photos form the second half of season 6, of The Walking Dead series! We are all anxiously awaiting the return of our favorite series on February 14th. In the second half of this season, we are walking into a larger world. “Stuff and thangs”, will happen. People will die.The proverbial crap will hit the fan!

We last saw our group struggling to get away, through a horde of walkers, Daryl, Sasha, and Abe are at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with Negan’s men, trying to claim all that they have. The Saviors are right around the corner, with the Hilltop community, being introduced also. And then there is Negan! Who knows what foul and deadly consequences, that may bring!

Meanwhile, Jesus is a new character(from the comic), who Robert Kirkman describes as “bada**” and a “fun character” to write in the comics. He is also “smart,” “quick,” and “very athletic.” He possesses exceptional fighting skills and is known as a key member of the Hilltop Colony. As detailed in iDigital Times, Jesus will be one of Rick’s greatest allies. He will be very helpful especially with Negan in the picture. Tom Payne (known for his role in HBO’s “Luck”) is cast to play fan favorite Paul Monroe AKA Jesus.
In the sneak peek at the 9th episode, “No Way Out”, we see bloodshed, fighting, and Maggie screaming someones name. Whose name? I can’t say. Whether Sam, Ron and Jessie, will make it out alive, we can only speculate. Will they meet their fate, as in the the comic book? Will this second half of the season, forecast death for a well loved character? Glenn? Daryl? Only the writers know who will die at the hand of Negan, and his bat, “Lucille”. It is safe to say that no one is safe!

Here are the new photos from AMC, enjoy and speculate!






The Walking Dead returns on February 14th on AMC!

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