The Walking Dead – Andrew and Norman ‘Photos For TV Guide!’

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus aren’t just actors on the same series. They are more like brothers! A Bromance has blossomed between these two men and it shows in the latest issue of TV Guide magazine. This past weeks issue of TV Guide, flew off the shelves at the surrounding stores! I can’t even find one anywhere! It’s all because of the photos, and boy, are they nice! We always new there was something about these two that just clicked. They prank each other all the time, Norman says, “I don’t think so, not really. Not exactly pranks. I did pull a good prank on Andy on The Walking Dead recently. I filled his trailer with live chickens.” They have so much fun on the set of The Walking Dead.

Off screen, “we talk every day like little old ladies on the phone all the time,” shared Reedus. So much so that, “My wife is getting concerned,” Lincoln deadpanned.

Well heck, who wouldn’t want these two sexy, macho men to come save you from the clutches of walkers? When they are not slashing up and shooting undead creepies, they are trying to make the zombie world a better place for all of us. The friendship shows pretty well in the photos that Jeff Lipsky for TV Guide was lucky enough to capture for us. See a video with Andrew and Norman from TV Guide! Read the TV Insider story here.

Here are some great photos of Andrew and Norman, taken by Jeff Lipsky for TV Guide.R-01_Double_0598-727x530-500x365







The Walking Dead returns on February 14th on AMC!

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