The Walking Dead – ‘Negan Will Make TWD Explode!’

You all know it’s coming. You have heard of him for a long time. You now know who will play him in the series. Negan is coming! It will be soon. I am not sure which episode of the second half of season 6, he will appear, but you will see Negan in all his “bat-astic” glory in the finale for sure! We have all waited, and when he does show up, The Walking Dead will explode!


Jeffrey Dean Morgan has become a household name since he was cast as Negan, the foul-mouthed, really bad-ass character from The Walking Dead comic series. He will be loved, and he will be hated, and Morgan is ready and willing to make Negan, the biggest bad that ever was!


Whether or not Negan will kill Glenn, or Daryl, or even some other beloved character, we know he will be the worst baddie yet. If his coming hasn’t sunk in yet, hold on. This will be a turning point for the show. A larger world is coming, and Negan will be a part of that. Although Negan’s mouth is as foul as his persona, we still don’t how AMC will handle that. The ‘F-word’, is pretty much an everyday thing with this brute. It is how he expresses himself. So, with that being said, will they substitute a milder word, or let some ‘F-bombs’ drop? I am anxious to find out!


In this web based interview with the, ‘It’s Erik Nagel’ show, Morgan discusses what he thinks of Negan, and how he it’s going to go over. This audio does have language that might be offensive to some, so be aware.

I don’t know about you, but just hearing Morgan talk about it, has me squirming in anticipation! Morgan also showed up on ‘Late Night with Seth Myers’, this past week and spoke to Seth a little about his role.

And take note #Outlander fans. Morgan is raising a “Highland Coo” on his farm! Isn’t that rich? So what are your feelings on the upcoming second half of The Walking Dead? Are you anxious? Are you scared? Do you think Morgan will do the part of Negan proud? Let me know what you all are thinking!

The Walking Dead returns on February 14th on AMC!

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