Lucifer S1 E3 The Would-be Prince of Darkness

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Lucifer is making Mondays better.

Is Lucifer losing his touch?  Is he getting a conscience?  What happened to his vacation from hell in LA?  He doesn’t seem to be having as much fun as he expected.   Lucifer is struggling with these and other issues.  Is he losing his identity as the Lord of Hell?  Despite all of this, he refuses to go back.

Kristianne Reed, a producer at Jerry Bruckheimer was live tweeting during the show.  Her comments and information were very interesting, and so much of it fit how I was responding that I decided to use the tweets in my review.

This episode is so full of funny comments and phrases that I must include some here too.

There is another murder, and Lucifer insists on helping Chloe.  A young woman is found floating dead in the middle of the pool after a big party at the home of a young football star.

@kristieannereed   Tonight’s episode co-written by @kaogirl and @jkning #lucifer
@damianholbrook  FYI, for those of you smart enough to dig Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, she is on tonight’s really fun @LuciferonFOX
@kristieannereed  I’m with Damian @JodiLyn_Okeefe is great in tonight’s #lucifer
– She plays Ronnie the fixer. A fixer is hired to clean up messes or to make problems disappear.
@kristieannereed   Beat Of My Drum Universal Records … via  @amazon
@kristieannereed   Ally played by guest star @Bri__Neal #lucifer
– Poor thing, she didn’t last long.
@kristieannereed   The hotshot football player in tonights episode is played by @REDARICWILLIAMS #lucifer
– His character is Ty the young football star and he is a virgin.  Lucifer is so amazed by this that he says, “He’s a rare virgin celebrity,    like a four leaf clover and a unicorn made a baby”.  Lucifer believes he is innocent.  “He was horny not murderous”.
@kristieannereed   That cool music track is “Monster” by Colours #lucifer
@kristieannereed   Trixie: Is #lucifer a magician?
– As usual, whenever Trixie is on, she steals the scene!

@kristieannereed   We call a song used in an episode “needle drop” as opposed to score. You know back from when you’d put a needle on a record. #lucifer
@kristieannereed   As the mother of a ginger lad…I told @LUCIFERwriters to lay off the red head jokes. Spoiler alert. They don’t. #lucifer
– When they are looking at pictures of people who were at the party, Lucifer points out the ginger and says the redhead must be the   guilty one, he doesn’t trust redheads.  Shame on you Lucifer!
@kristieannereed   You are now listening to “Delta Rice” by Oil Boom. Needle drop. Remember? Music in episode that isn’t score. #lucifer
@kristieannereed   I didn’t know what “graven images” were until working on #lucifer teaches me things
– A graven image is an object that is worshipped as a god or in place of a god.  Lucifer is dealing with someone who is impersonating him and is very upset by this.  He feels he understands his father’s issue with graven images now.  He also says that this impostor is “cheapening the Lucifer brand”.
@kristieannereed   Listening to “Back to the Way I Was” by Emily Bell #lucifer
@RachaelEHarris  ‘Budget Huts and Zany wings’ make #Lucifer very upset. #deviltanty @LuciferonFOX
@kristieannereed   Humans are fascinating right @LesleyAnnBrandt ? #lucifer
– Maze continues to tantalize and she continues to make hilarious comments.  She thinks humans are fascinating and when she is discussing Lucifer’s’ impersonator, she “cannot wait to see what this one does next”.  After Maze talks about Zany wings, she is laughing so hard that she snorts.

@kristieannereed   Sports agent is played by @richjonesactor #lucifer
– I never trusted him.
Lucifer Writers Room ‏@LUCIFERwriters   Alternate titles we considered… “The Virgin Angle” @LuciferonFOX
– “The Virgin Angle” could have worked, but “The Would-be Prince of Darkness” is so much better!
@kristieannereed   Every episode #Lucifer is named after a line in the script. We hold our breath and hope we don’t accidentally cut the line in post.
@kristieannereed   KABOOM! It is a @BRUCKHEIMERJB show. #lucifer
-There must be some exploding cars for Jerry Bruckheimer.  Lucifer seems to be very comfortable around the fire, must have something to do with where he used to live.
@kristieannereed   Upon receiving the script I called to find out where this all night froyo place was…for a friend #lucifer
@kristieannereed   This all night fro-yo shop is fictional. I checked. #lucifer
– This was a seriously pitiful scene.
@kristieannereed   Code word is “Monkey Bottoms.” #lucifer
– Monkey Bottoms, is a hilarious term.  I’d like @tomellis17 to fit it into every show from now on!
@kristieannereed   “….turns into a Michael Buble concert.” #lucifer
– Detective Dan or “Douchebag” just doesn’t fit in the night club.
@kristieannereed   You are listening to “Where the Devil Don’t Go” by Elle King. #lucifer
@kristieannereed  Retweeted WelkinCooperShout out for music goes to @chopshopmusic and @LUCIFERwriters
@kristieannereed   Lucifer’s impostor “Lucibro” is played by @grantharvey #lucifer
– “My name is Justin, I’m from Sherman Oaks.”  Lucifer refers to him as a “two pump chump”; Lucifer doesn’t want to take a hit to his well-known sexual prowess.  While he is angrily dealing with Justin, Maze says, “this is so hot, it’s like you’re punishing yourself”.

– I’ve noticed that Lucifer has a ménage of some sort during each episode and he usually speaks with Dr. Linda twice during an episode and they have at least one bed scene. He likes to share the love!
@LesleyAnnBrandt   Maze is looking at Ronnie Hillman in the upcoming scene like “girl, where’d you get those leather pants”?
– The leather pants would certainly go well with her wardrobe.
@kristieannereed   Seriously, how gorgeous is this coat Chloe is wearing? @Lucifercostumes #lucifer
DreamKillahJ‏ @BluePhoenix1  Just to recap #Lucifer tonight: #twopumpchump #MonkeyBottoms #ZanyWings
@kristieannereed Retweeted DreamKillahJ  You are following along. #lucifer teaches you things.
‏@kristieannereed   One more song “Too Little Too Late” by PINS #lucifer
@kristieannereed   Next week’s episode of #lucifer is directed by @beesley_matte


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