Manga Review: Shokugeki No Soma Vol 10

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thumb-15069-FDW_10_webIt’s the last quarterfinal match of the Fall Classic for Shokugeki No Soma. Takumi Aldini, looking for another chance to challenge Soma, faces off against the smug-looking Subaru Mimasaka. What’s making him so confident? The truth—and the dish he prepares—sends the entire auditorium into an uproar! Let the shokugeki begin!

Takumi must battle it out against Subaru in not just the quarterfinal match of the Fall Classic but a shokugeki. Nobody likes Subaru, he doesn’t respect the art of cooking food and is only there to win. After the battles end shocks the entire arena, Soma is challenged to his own Fall Classic Shokugeki and the stakes have never been higher.

If he loses, he can never cook as a chef professionally ever again. Everyone is shocked by the fact that Soma tells his challenger the dish he is making and when he asks Erina to try it, she is not impressed but is that really a shocker?

The series continues to draw me in as we get closer to the Fall Classic finals. I love how you can enjoy the foods they cook and get the real life recipes to make them yourselves. You get 6 practical recipes in this Volume that you could make yourself. Viz Media also provided you with a few sneak peaks into this volume below! Grab your copy on today.

Robert Prentice