Shadowhunters 108 Preview ‘Bad Blood’ comes out!

Bad Blood: Valentine has been mixing different types of blood via injections. Remember the men at Chernobyl? Looks like he’s created his own Zombie warrior!

In Shadowhunters, blood types aren’t A, B & O, they’re Angel, Demon, Mundane, and combinations of these. There are also Vampires, Werewolves and Warlocks in the mix. Besides Valentine’s “experiments”, blood is drunk as well as inherited. I’m guessing that the episode title, “bad blood” refers to demonic blood, mixing of blood, and the fact that Simon has drunk Camille’s Vampire blood.

With last episode’s cliffhanger, I’m most looking forward to finding out what’s happening with Simon! Clary left him all alone, unprotected, even though she knew that he’d previously been captured by Vampires, and he’d been telling her that there was something wrong. Jace and Alec had noticed changes in Simon, and Jace had even tried to check Simon’s neck. Yet, still none of them thought about it further.

There is an old English saying that “bad blood will out”, or “bad blood will tell”, meaning that what is within a person (their genetics) will show in their character, in the way that they behave. People used to believe that character is inherited. These days, we understand that environment and upbringing are also important in the development of a person. Nevertheless, what is within a person, including things in their bloodstream, by whatever means, affects their behaviour. Maureen wasn’t completely wrong in thinking Simon might be on drugs, & Simon might not have been too far from the truth when he said that he thought he had a disease.

Simon certainly doesn't look well!

Simon certainly doesn’t look well! (Image from Disney ABC Freeform Press)

If Simon has been turned into a Vampire (which we see in the last seconds of the Preview clip), then his “bad blood” from Camille sure seems to be influencing his behaviour now!

Synopsis, Episode 8: ‘Bad Blood’:

With word of Alec, Jace and Isabelle’s “extracurricular activities” with Clary reaching The Clave, a convoy is sent to observe the Lightwoods running the New York Institute. Once The Clave representative arrives, it is very clear how much trouble the Lightwoods are in.

Meanwhile, Clary is faced with a devastating decision.

Of course, “bad blood” also means enmity & distrust between people or groups. There was bad blood between the “Jets” and the “Sharks” in the musical ‘Westside Story’, and apparently bad blood between Superman and Batman, and between Captain America and Ironman, in the upcoming movies. In the Shadoworld, there’s bad blood between Valentine’s ‘Circle’ and pretty much everyone else. It sounds like “bad blood” is brewing between The Clave and the Lightwoods? Perhaps Max’s school shenanigans, plus Izzy’s Seelie connections, plus Alec allowing the unauthorised missions to help Clary, all add up to quite a worrying set of circumstances. I think Maryse is hiding something too.

When Magnus and Luke were telling Clary about Valentine’s unsanctioned missions, and the eventual outcome, I started to see why The Clave was concerned about Alec, Izzy & Jace suddenly going on a spate of unsanctioned missions.

This preview video (from Disney ABC Freeform) hints at a lot! (0:30)

The video also indicates that:

Alec and Magnus spend more time together, with Alec more comfortable with being “selfish” for a change, instead of thinking only of his duty and family honour. He and Izzy seem to have switched roles!

On the other hand, Jace seems determined to be more selfless, rejecting an intimate relationship with Clary, so that he can focus on protecting the world as a Shadowhunter.

The Shadowhunter’s Codex says that Shadowhunters are supposed to get married to make Shadowhunter babies, so this should be something Jace can get over, and Clary shouldn’t get too worried. Although, maybe she hasn’t found the Codex yet? She does look very upset.

Or: is Clary upset about Simon? What is the “devastating decision” that she has to make?

We’ll have to tune in for the full story!

Featured picture: SHADOWHUNTERS, Freeform TV, Tuesdays 9pm/8c

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