Supernatural 1112 Preview: “Love Hurts”

You know it wouldn’t  be Supernatural if we didn’t get a Valentine’s Day themed episode, and I am fine with that as long as it funny, and entertaining. I hope it is not a filler episode, in which to pass the time until we can get back to the good stuff! I want to know what Amara, aka the darkness, is getting up to, and I’m still wondering what the hell Casifer has been doing.I need to more patience, I know!

This episode should be entertaining though, and back to what the brother’s do best. It seems as if we are dealing with another werewolf, but is it your typical one? Since it is a Valentine’s themed episode, I am guessing the creature was dealt a broken heart at some point, and they are out for vengeance Then, of course love would hurt,especially if a heart is being ripped out! Dean will surely be entertaining as it is obvious that he had some fun with a lucky woman, and he has a hickey to prove it! See you next week!

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