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The Shannara Chronicles: 106 Review – “Pykon”

Last week’s episode was one heck of a ride and left us with a lot of questions coming into this week. Unfortunately, for the most part, those questions went mostly unanswered.   Pykon is the sixth episode of the ten episode season and it’s by far the weakest episode that we’ve seen so far.   A lot of the episode was simply unnecessary, from the dream sequence in the beginning to what happened at the fortress.   It didn’t move the plot forward –  We’re still not really any closer to Safehold and the Bloodfire and things back at Arborlon are still more or less the same.  

With the exception of what happens to Allanon.

Arion “vanquishing” Allanon – Taken from MTV Shannara Twitter (@Shannara)

The Changeling plays on Arion’s skepticism to use the Prince to help retrieve a magical sword from the tunnels below Arborlon.  It’s actually a sword-shaped talisman of evil that the Prince winds up using to stab Allanon with.   With almost anyone else I would have said that they’d be dead, however this is the Druid with the nifty Druid sleep powers, so I feel confident that we’ll see him again.   Arion was able to get the drop on Allanon because earlier, in attempting to help Bandon, everyone’s favorite Druid got mind-whammied by the Dagda Mor, which threw him off his game.

The Trio and their entourage make their way to the fortress of Pykon, where we met two new characters, Remo and Mags.  From the visuals of the fortress, both inside and out, anyone who has ever read or seen a horror movie knows what’s coming up next.  The creepy hosts, the poisoned food, the torture instruments in the basement, it was like they were ticking off items of a plot checklist.    Which makes for very boring television, with the overwhelming similarities to a certain set of scenes in a certain well-known movie, it just left me pretty unsatisfied in general with the episode. 

Spiked food at Pykon Fortress – Taken from MTV Shannara Twitter (@Shannara)

The shining moments of awesome were the fact that we finally see Eretria making her choice to throw in fully with Wil and Amberle and that canonically she’s bisexual.  It’s a good step forward and I hope that it’s not a fluke.  That we see more openly bisexual characters in films and television.   As for this episode, I can only hope that episode seven gets us back on track with the storytelling I’ve come to expect from episodes one through five. 

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