The X-Files – Preview of The Season Finale ‘My Struggle ll’

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This is it. My Struggle ll, episode 6, is the season finale of our beloved series, The X-Files. What will happen? Will anyone die? Will we find, ‘The Truth’ ?

I am so stoked for this episode! I think we will all learn some things. And yet, it makes me really sad. I want nothing more than to say that this is not the end of our duo, but something tells me otherwise. Keep in mind that the network is saying, “season finale”. What does this mean? I know from research that Chris Carter wants The X-Files to return to a regular series, but, the logistics and schedules of all of the main players, would be a hard row to hoe. Gillian lives in London and there are always other projects going on with David and Chris. That being said, or typed, as you will, the addition of the two new agents has me worried a little. Because Miller and Einstein are somewhat carbon copied after our duo, does this mean a “replacement” of sorts?  Is FOX gearing up to make a “new X-Files” with doppleganger versions of Scully and Mulder? God, I pray not!

“My Struggle II” begins with a Scully introduction, like Mulder’s in the season premiere, and picks up the threads placed in the first episode of the 6 episode series.

So, will this be the end for them? “I don’t think it’s it for Mulder and Scully, but I have to say, there’s no guarantee that we’re coming back,” Carter told E! News about the finale. “So, while I see Mulder and Scully and stories down the way, we end up on a very big cliff.”

Chris Carter wrote and directed the episode that features the returns of Joel McHale, Lauren Ambrose, Robbie Amell, Annabeth Gish and William B. Davis. In the episode, Tad O’Malley returns as the conspiracy hawker, as something big is going down and people are getting sick. Something is happening and Mulder is all over it. And h gets beat up and goes missing! This will be a crazy episode, and hopefully we will get answers.

Here are a series of Previews for The X-Files, My Struggle ll

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