X-Files Finale Reveal – Super Bowl Trailer

The X-Files are hot!  Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) reveals horrible secrets from her past and the conspiracy surrounding the X-Files. Don’t miss this Super Bowl half time exclusive as we near the finale!

We all know how great this series was in the past, and how great it seems now. But the fact of the matter is this, we have ONLY 3 more episodes to go! I am not liking this one bit. I want more! Do you think that FOX has any idea how missed and important to us, this series really was and is? I can only pray the the head honchos at the network, give us a stay.

I know from some research I have been doing about the show, that David Duchovny and Chris Carter, the creator, would be on board with a full season. I haven’t really heard if Gillian Anderson is on board with it though. The die hard fans seem to be loving it so far, and the people that I have spoken to, new viewers, are liking it as well. The ratings went through the roof, even beating out the finale of the original series. So if you haven’t watched, Do It!

Update: The preview has now been marked “Classified” By The Feds, I mean Fox. However, we managed to smuggle out a few photos and have this to share.

Posted by The X-Files on Sunday, February 7, 2016

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The X-Files airs Monday nights at 8pm ET/7pm Central on the Fox Network.

Or you can catch up on this season’s episodes at their website: X-Files 

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