Lucifer S1 E8 Et Tu, Doctor? Review

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Episode 8, “Et Tu, Doctor?” has jealousy as its central theme and Lucifer is trying to understand the feeling and come to terms with actually feeling jealous.  The feelings (like friendship and love) that are usually part of jealousy are also very confusing to Lucifer.  We learn more about the Palmetto case now that Malcolm has been resurrected. The current case is about a therapist who encouraged couples to cheat on each other and who was murdered.

Lucifer decides to throw a birthday party for himself, or a re-birthday party. He can be whoever he wants to be now that he doesn’t have any wings. Of course the theme of the party is wings, so everyone is wearing wings in one shape or another. It was a cute way to acknowledge the “loss”.

Detective Dan/Douche is cozying up to Chloe quite a bit by now. They are working on the Palmetto case in secret together and he is behaving exactly the way she wants him to behave. He’s very attentive, he’s making time for Chloe and Trixie and Chloe is beginning to trust him.  I haven’t and I don’t trust him, there’s just something not quite right with Dan.

When they are first looking at the murder, we see Lucifer begin to try to understand jealousy.  Lucifer doesn’t understand why cheating is an issue at all. To him there is no reason to covet something someone else has, he just takes it. Chloe tells him that “it’s never that easy” to which he responds that “it is for him”.  Then he looks at Chloe and mutters “usually”. Nothing is easy for him with Chloe.

Lucifer has been speaking with Linda about his problems connecting with Chloe. It seems as though he has come to a realization about himself, that he might be in love with Chloe, but he quickly reverts back to his norm and callously states that clearly there must be something wrong with Chloe. He wants Linda to speak with her to find out what her problem is. Chloe has no interest in speaking with Linda. Lucifer manipulates the situation and forces a meeting when a psychologist/psychiatrist is needed to look through the murdered cheater therapists files to find a suspect. As the episode continues, we see that his plan is backfiring when Chloe and Linda begin to get along and agree with each other about Lucifer.


Chloe and Lucifer later meet Dr. Linda at Lux, while they are discussing the case, Chloe gets a call from dispatch saying that Dan’s phone died and he needs to meet her at her house. She drops everything and heads right home to meet him. Lucifer again feels a very odd and confusing feeling called jealousy.

When Chloe arrives at home, it’s not Dan who is waiting, instead it’s Malcolm. He wants to talk with her in private about the Palmetto case. She doesn’t trust him. He tells her that when he was shot, he was meeting with a confidential informant to get intel on a crooked cop. He also tells her that he knows the person who shot him was a cop and warns her to stop investigating.

Later Chloe, Lucifer and Linda are on their way to speak with another suspect in Chloe’s cruiser. Linda has to sit in the back. Linda and Chloe are agreeing with each other about Lucifer, this is when Lucifer looks back at Linda and says “et tu doctor?” Chloe looks at him and tells him he’s right, so he is looking all satisfied with himself when she says “Linda really is wonderful”. He is beginning to feel betrayed, and looks around for the button to put the window up. Chloe rolls her eyes and tells him that “this is not a limo”. Poor Lucifer he is so out of touch with reality. He uses this situation to throw some of his ever present sexual innuendo into the mix. “Getting double teamed is usually much more fun than this.”


The murdered therapist (Dr. Shaw) has a colleague (Dr. Medina) who seems to have been in love with Dr. Shaw’s wife (Sandy) while Dr. Shaw was having an affair with someone else. Unfortunately for Dr. Medina, Sandy was not interested in him. Lucifer realizes that this is a perfect example of unbridled jealousy. “The woman that you loved was with someone else, someone you thought wasn’t worthy of her, but no matter what you did, she never saw you the way you wanted her to.” It appears as though Lucifer is having an important revelation about himself and his feelings towards Chloe, but he suddenly says that they are nothing alike, he is not jealous. I must say that there was more than one situation on this episode where it looked as though Lucifer was in love with Chloe. Wow! Is that possible? Can the devil be in love?!

After the case is done, Chloe is seen at home fixing Trixie’s lunch in the evening. Dan comes out of Trixie’s room after putting her to bed. They talk and Dan kisses her, it is very calculated, and I am disappointed in Chloe. Her instincts are so good and she is not paying attention to them at all in relation to Dan.


As he is leaving he gets a text, when he looks at it, his expression changes, it is not nice. He heads directly to meet with someone, it turns out to be Malcolm. Malcolm confronts him ant tells him that he could have told the truth that Dan was the dirty cop who shot him. Dan’s expression is hard and he asks him why he didn’t. It seems that Malcolm has plans for Dan and he threatens Trixie and Chloe to keep Dan in line. I’m wondering if Amenadiel is manipulating Malcolm now since he brought him back to life. This is going to get very messy.

When Lucifer has his next session with Linda, she tells him that she wants them to keep it professional from now on, which means no more sex. She’s definitely struggling with this decision. She has such a hard time resisting him. He wants to know about her new neighbor, Dr. Canaan. He noticed the name before and has his suspicions. He then asks her, is he “sanctimonious, 6’2″, black, and the voice of an angel”? She says yes.  Lucifer realizes his suspicion that this is Amenadiel is correct, and he is not happy.

Lucifer confronts Maze about Amenadiel’s knowledge of Dr. Linda. Maze tries to tell him that she was trying to keep him safe. The devil is very angry with her, she betrayed him. He walks away from her telling her that they are done.


Lucifer is losing control, Maze has betrayed him, Amenadiel is working behind his back to complicate everything, he no longer has his wings, Chloe seems to be reconciling with Dan, his emotions are confusing him, and Dr. Linda doesn’t want his body anymore!



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