‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Rumor: Is Production Delayed?

By: Robert Prentice
Attack On Titan

Many outlets have recently claimed that Attack On Titan season 2 is going to be delayed siting concerns about the manga not being 4 story arcs ahead in order for the new season to push forward. The idea is the show doesn’t want to add fillers and wants to keep the anime tight to the source material. While many fans praise this idea, the ‘rumor’ that production is delayed is just that, a rumor. Recent tweets from the official twitter account suggest that production is on-going and not stalled.

The latest rumor is an attempt by many sites to feed on the impatience of fans (myself included) who want to see the new series get a premiere date. Currently not premiere date has been announced but given the Manga’s pacing and the expected story plot for the new season, mid/late 2017 seems a more likely time frame.

So long story short, nothing has changed. We have no confirmation of a delay, nor do we have a premiere date either. We have all seen that new scene from season 2 that was shown during the recap films that were aired in Japan, so some level of production is on going. For now we just need to hang tight. And if you cannot wait, then read the Manga! Below is the preview I was talking about.

If the rumor were true, and the point was to ensure the new season was no filler and all story, most fans would appreciate that delay. But alas we will sit tight and wait for more news.

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