Death Note On HD BluRay for the First Time!

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If you’re an anime or manga fan of any sorts, chances are you’re a fan of Death Note. I know since I was younger when the manga first launched in the US I snatched it up and read the heck out of it. Needless to say the TV show and the live action movies have all been so great and so hearing about the launch of the Blu-ray made me pretty excited. The quality of the Blu-ray is gorgeous, at a stunning 1080p seeing the show in this manner makes me fall in love with the art all over again.  There are some really cool extra features like director’s commentary, production art, and behind the scenes. You can feel even more immersed in the Death Note world with all of this. It’s also a treat to be able to watch the subbed or the dubbed versions with ease, I know I’m a fan of the original Japanese versions of shows with the simple subtitles on the screen.

The disc with an apple on it to honor Ryuk's obsession!

The Death Note disc with an apple on it to honor Ryuk’s obsession!

Misa makes an appearance on the inside art.

Misa makes an appearance on the inside cover art.

The cover of the blu-ray.

The cover of the Blu-ray.

Here are the specs:


“Rated TV-14,

Standard Edition release features the complete series on 5 discs, with episodes presented in crisp 1080p with 16:9 video aspect ratio.  Episodes are available in 5 languages (Japanese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French 2.0 audio and subtitle selections).  Also catch three hours of bonus content, including interviews with the Japanese creators, behind-the-scenes footage with the English and Japanese voice casts, production art, audio commentary and much more!


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Buy it here!

Also available is the Omega edition! Buy it here:


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