The Magicians: 112 Preview “Thirty-Nine Graves”

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Things have certainly been heating up on this show, and in Thirty-Nine Graves , it looks like it will be getting even hotter! We all saw how the last episode ended, with a drunken threesome, and a very hurt Alice! I hope they all try to put it behind them, because they have some major work to do!!



After a night of drinking, the students wake up to foggy memories and a healthy dose of regret. But Penny is quick to remind them all that there’s no time for talking out feelings – their very lives depend on getting to The Neitherlands as soon as possible.


Well, we can definitely tell by that promo that all is not well with everyone in the cottage. I am glad that Penny is keeping his wits about him by noting that they do not have time for emotions, for something wicked their way comes! I am very excited to see what will happen in this next episode! What do you think of Quentin asking Julia to come to Fillory with him? I do believe that it used to be a dream they shared. Do you think their friendship can be salvaged?

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Diane Selburg