New Captain America: Civil War Trailer – Young Spidey Makes His Entrance

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In the latest trailer to drop for the new Captain America: Civil War film, the long awaited appearance of a new young hero finally took place. The internet blew up with both good and bad reviews of Spider-Man’s (or rather spider boys) first appearance. The first thing people were upset about was the suit. Many thought it looked cheap compared to the previous versions. There are two possible reasons for this: 1) Since we are starting with  a young 15 year old version of Spider-Man and we would assume its the first attempt at an outfit OR 2) the shot on the trailer was CGI due to the stunts and the actors age and the real suit may look much better.

The second issue people had was his voice, that he sounded 12. Well going back to #1, Spider-Man in the comics was 15 years old and it was confirmed that 19-year-old Tom Holland pictured below would be playing the 15 year old. No matter whether the suit issue was CGI or a young Spider-Man’s first attempt at a suit, many point out the similarities to the original suit from the Silver Age of the comics.


Whats your thoughts on the new trailer and Tom Hollands first appearance as young Spidey? Whose side do you think Spidey will end up on? The trailer makes it clear he starts out on Stark’s side, but will he remain there? Some speculation online suggests that both sides are fighting for the support of Young Spidey.

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Robert Prentice