Supernatural: 1116 Review “Safe House”

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Safe House showed the return of Bobby, and in the best way possible. We were not witnessing a resurrection of Bobby, but rather a moment in time, and I though the writers did a fabulous job of maintaining both stories simultaneously. Well, as simultaneously as possible, seeing as both settings were years apart. I do believe it was set during the time when Sam and Dean were dealing with the apocalypse.

In my last episode review of Supernatural, I thought of it as nothing but a “filler” episode, a way to pass the time until we can get back to the really good stuff, but I felt that this episode was in sync with the current season. We might have been seeing a glimpse into the past, and Bobby’s thoughts and concerns about his boys during the apocalypse, but I was seeing a bit of foreshadowing in a way. Of course, the lives of the Winchester boys are always in danger, so the foreshadowing could just be a constant.

We heard the term the “oldest rule” so much that I couldn’t help but think of it as foreshadowing. I think Bobby seeing the dead bodies of both his boys had more to do with his timeline and the apocalypse, but Dean seeing Sam’s lifeless body is his worst fear. He wants to be able to save his brother, and Castiel but that “oldest rule” keeps coming back to rear its ugly head.

I loved that we received a chance to see Bobby and Rufus again, and to see them at each others throats was very entertaining. If you take the constant reminder about the “oldest rule” out of this episode, then it would have been yet another “filler” episode about a month apart from the last episode of the same. Instead, it hammered home that the boys may not be able to save everyone that they love, and that includes Castiel, and each other. After a while, the term started sounded more like an ominous warning, and that we should prepare ourselves for something wicked to come! My favorite part was watching Dean and Sam play rock, paper, scissors to see who would go to the “nest!

I loved this episode as it felt like good old hunting times, and we were able to see the (sort of) return of a much beloved character. My favorite line was when Dean called Bobby and Rufus the “Grumpy Old Men of Letters”. It felt like a reunion of a sort happened in the episode, and this episode is definitely worth keeping on my DVR! What did you think of the episode? Sound off below!

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