Teen Wolf 520 Season Finale Preview: Lydia’s in the Hospital…Again in “Apotheosis”?

With the Beast’s successful transformation into Sebastian Valet at the end of the last episode, the pack must now figure out how to stop Sebastian before he destroys their families and homes in “Apotheosis.” Knowing that Mason was the Beast until his most recent transformation, I wonder if the pack will still be trying to save him in this or if their focus will just be on stopping the Beast.

Ever since the Beast was resurrected, we have been constantly reminded that once the Beast remembers, the teenager will be gone. Does that mean the teenager is gone forever and there is absolutely no hope for Mason? How will they stop the Beast anyway? The Hellhound and Kitsune must play into this somehow with all the hints and references this season, but we’ve been left in the dark as to how that will happen. And Lydia’s been a fairly integral part of this season, so what will her part be in this? In the latest sneak peek, Stiles tells her she was the solution, but to what? Check out the synopsis, preview, and sneak peek below for hints and be sure to tune in next week to MTV to see an all-new episode of Teen Wolf!

Loyalties are tested and new alliances forged as Scott and his friends work to stop the Beast before Beacon Hills is razed to the ground. ~ MTV.com

Apotheosis sneak peek: stiles visits lydia in the hospital

Lydia is the solution. Don’t miss the #TeenWolf season finale — Tuesday at 9/8c! ~ mtv.com

Teen Wolf airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV!

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