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Teen Wolf Preview: A New Enemy Emerges in Season 6

Now that the Beast is gone, the pack can relax a bit, but their relaxation will be short-lived based on those last few moments of ‘Apotheosis’. In those moments, it is revealed that the tank holding the man in the Dread Doctors’ lair was damaged and now wet footprints lead away from the empty tank. The Dread Doctors frequently used the liquid from the tank in their experiments, so if the man is the reason the liquid was useful, he may just be a really powerful evil to fight, which could be very interesting.

Aside from that new threat, some new developments in the end of season five may lead to a spectacular season. Malia used the claws on the Desert Wolf, which means she has her power. I’m itching too see how they’ll manifest and Lydia has taken a huge chunk of this past season honing her skills as well. She can only get stronger now. Adding to that, Kira has finally joined the skin walkers to learn to control the fox spirit. When she returned from her short stint to get her sword, she showed some great strength. If she manages to return next season, she could be quite the fighter against this new enemy. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even get a Stydia relationship after the developments between them this season. Or maybe Stiles will get back with Malia. I wouldn’t object to that either. Gah! Season 6 can’t come soon enough!

Teen Wolf returns to MTV with all-new episodes later this year!

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