The Last Ship Season 3 Teaser!

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What’s all that racket??? Just the fans of TNT’s The Last Ship screaming with glee over the newly released trailer for Season 3. We’ve waited 10 months for just the barest hint at what the writers/producers were up to and they’ve finally thrown us a bone. There’ve been awesome teasers from the cast and crew in the interim, but this is pure fandom gold. The trailer was released today in conjunction with Wondercon for our viewing pleasure.

Chandler, teaser, China, premiere

Things heat up quickly for the crew in China. Photo by TNT.

On June 12th we’ll finally have answers to all our burning finale questions. Dr. Scott (Rhona Mitra) was shot and left for dead in the very last scene. Does she survive? Fans have been in uproar over the possibility we might lose this strong female character and I’m right there with them. Losing her would be heartbreak but now that we have the cure, will she be a necessary part of the story? Her fandom assigned love interest, Commander Chandler (Eric Dane), was preparing to leave the Nathan James to take a position as Secretary of the Navy but what would the Nathan James be without him?

The trailer indicates that Chandler is forced back into a more active role when someone (Slattery) gets himself and his ‘crew’ kidnapped. Crew? Oh yes, it seems our favorite second in command got his own ship.  Based on past performance, this kidnapping business can’t sit well with the XO and he’s likely looking around for the nearest axe. Whoever these nere-do-wellers are, they take their American naval bounty to China and Chandler follows suit.

Wolfman, Bren Foster, TNT

Wolfman (Bren Foster) inspects a mine. Photo by TNT.

It was great to see Wolf Taylor (Bren Foster) in many of the scenes on the trailer though I can only assume that there are some stunt men somewhere who must still have bruises from his fast flying kicks. While SPCO Taylor, or as he is more affectionately titled, ‘Wolfman’, was introduced in Season 2 as an intermittent guest character, he appears to have a greater role this season. Pictures indicate Taylor is the renaissance man onboard, doing everything from providing personal security to Slattery in China to investigating some nasty looking underwater mines.

The writer’s have added a host of new characters for this third season, many of whom are played by some impressive actors and actresses:

  • Stephen Oyoung as Lau Hu, for whom we have no details other than he’ll appear in 5 episodes
  • LaMonica Garrett as LT. TAO Cameron Burk, brother of Lt. Carlton Burk (Jocko Sims),
  • Elisabeth Rohm as Alsison Shaw, the Chief of Staff to President Michener,
  • Fernando Chien as Peng, whom we suspect is the leader of what is left of China
  • Dichen Lachman as Jesse, an off-the-grid helicopter pilot with secrets yet to be revealed
  • Bridget Regan as Sasha Cooper, former Naval Intelligence and working for the US in China
  • Eidan Hanzei as Toshiro but no details about his character have been released

There may still be two and half months left before we get to the premiere but it looks like summer is already heating up. I know there are plans underway by fans for premier parties and themed gatherings so I’m thinking we need to have some marathon viewings of seasons 1 and 2 to get us ready! Round up your friends and family and get going because June 12th is almost here.

Watch on TNT Sunday nights at 9PM ET starting June 12th

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