The Magicians: 110 Review Not Quite the”Homecoming” You Expected

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Homecoming was a damn good episode, and I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard, or so much with just one episode. I do feel bad that Penny ended up rising out of a water fountain, but he really only has himself to blame. He barely had his traveling powers under control, and he thinks he can handle a magical portal to only God knows where?!


Penny really should have listened to Quentin, because then he would not be lost in the Neitherlands, a place with three moons, and fountains that lead to other worlds. Despite the fact that Penny does not really like Quentin, he is the first person he contacts for help. It seemed pretty similar to when Quentin was stuck mentally in the mental ward, and he contacted Penny. These two are well on their way to forming a friendship, of sorts anyway.

I was laughing my arse off when I saw that Penny contacted Q just as he was having a sex dream of Julia (as Princess Leia) and Alice (as Daenarys), with Quentin as Indiana Jones! I think this fact alone will probably change how Penny thinks of Quentin, somewhat anyway! Poor Penny thinks he has been gone six hours, but it’s really been six weeks! I loved how the writers used the term “Inception” as it is one of my favorite movies. I am glad Penny asked Quentin for help, not matter how hard it was for him to do so.

The Neitherlands was a dark, gloomy place, and that fact alone would be enough to make me lose track of where I was, and which fountain was the one I needed to take me back home!  I would not want to be stuck in the Neitherlands, but if it happened to me, at least I could enjoy that amazing library! The card catalogues alone must have been a mile long, and all those pretty, pretty books. I would have been in my own personal heaven!

Image courtesy of Syfy

Image courtesy of Syfy

The member of the order/librarian acted as if Penny had been to the library many times, and informed him that the Locals are the ones chasing him. They found employment with The Beast, and I bet he would like that magical button back! I loved seeing the books the Neitherlands library had on Quentin, Alice, Eliot,and Penny. I hope we hear more about those books later, because I am intrigued! Did anyone notice that Eliot had two books with his name on them? I did, and I bet it means something huge for him! Although, people who read their own books often find they don’t like the main character, and are rarely happen with how it ends. In other words, put the book down Penny! The book of Martin Chatwin was awfully big, and I would really like to know what is on those specific pages she copied for Penny.


Free Traders Beowulf sounds like a really bad name for a cult, doesn’t it? I am betting that Richard is behind this little band of magical misfits, and I wonder what their true agenda is. Julia must feel great now that she is actually part of something magical, and not being kicked out. I love that screen name, and now I wish I had thought of it. I feel like my life moves in a Vicious_Circe sometimes. Kidding, in that it’s not a circle of the vicious kind, just your regular normal, everyday circle. I love Kady’s screen name as well, Asmodeus.

Kady and Julia have to learn the next twelve spells or they can’t be let in on the Free Traders ‘project’. At least Julia and Kady were able to clear the air, well sort of. I think they might be in a little over their head though with what Richard seems to have planned. Richard and the other free traders are meddling with time magic, and I don’t see any good coming from that at all. I think Richard thinks along the same lines as Quentin, what is the point of magic if you can’t change things? However, it seems Richard wants to do much more than change things. Summon a God…really? I am sensing some big trouble a brewing here!


How about Alice’s parents huh? No wonder she wanted to get in and out so quickly. I could also see why she would want to be anywhere than at home. That is some real forward thinking her parents have, growing up amid sex orgies must have been hard for her. Speaking of sex orgies, Quinten’s fantasy had to have come back to his mind after he entered Alice’s house. I thought it was amusing that she said they weren’t in Chicago, they were in the burbs.

Alice and her mother don’t have a very good relationship, ever since the disappearance of her brother Charlie. I don’t blame Alice for not wanting to take Quentin there, I would be a little embarrassed myself. It’s okay, Quinten likes damaged chicks! Joe the traveler tells them that they can help Penn, but in order to light a beacon that will allow him to find his way to the Earth fountain, they have to orgasm together at the same time! Don’t you just love this show?Full of orgies, sex dreams and orgasms!  This show definitely is Harry Potter for adults, and not suitable for children at all.


It turned out that nothing was wrong with Eliot, or his magic, he just has a massive drug problem. I really hope he is able to get over having to kill Mike. Margo, on the other hand appears to have the magical equivalent of an STD. It seems as if something is draining her magical life force, and I laughed so hard when she was asked if she had been involved in any unprotected rituals of any kind! It turns out that her ex-boyfriend created another Margo, a Margo clone, aka Margolem! The look on Eliot’s (still drugged) face was priceless, and near the end of the episode Margo decides to keep her. I think that might thrill Eliot, as long as she doesn’t try to make out with him again. I can see Margo and Eliot having some fun with her for a while, but I doubt Margo will be able to keep her around for long seeing as it drains her.


Penny finds his way back to the Earth fountain, courtesy of Quentin and Alice’s orgasmic beacon, and of course he travels right into that magical orgasmic moment. Right about now, I imagine that Penny wishes he could unsee a lot of what he has seen! What do you think will happen of this episode in all its glory? Sound off below!

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