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The Magicians: 111 Review Intro to”Remedial Battle Magic”

After watching Remedial Battle Magic a few days ago, I have had one tune stuck in my head, and it used to be such a cute nursery rhyme. I am afraid that I will never be able to hear The Farmer in the Dell quite the same way as I used to. All I hear now is the creepy version the Beast was whistling in the probability spell our Magicians cast. I think if I had to hear that seven times in a row, I would have went bat-shit crazy!

We all should have known that the opening scene of everyone we have come to love, was either dead already, or going to die was not real. It didn’t stop every single fan of The Magicians take it to heart, and freak the freak out! Luckily, the scene we saw was only due to the probability spell our favorite magicians cast, and I am with Eliot, please, never do that spell again! There is always quite a lot going on in an episode of this show, if you discount the slow start of the first two episodes. I now chalk that up to establishing the characters, and their surroundings. I guess you could call it a slow burn, and one that was quickly set into a full on inferno.

I love that despite everything that happens, the story never gets bogged down with useless dialogues or plots. I have yet to see what I call a “filler” episode, and that is a good thing! The pace was definitely amped up, and in such a good way that before I even knew it, I was hopelessly addicted. Mondays are not always the greatest of days, with just coming off the weekend, but this show really gives a TV viewer something to look forward to. With each episode that airs, we learn more and more about where we are headed into the story.

The Beast is the reason that they gang performed the probability spell eight times, and they only died seven times! I am with Quentin on this one, I would not try to negotiate with the Beast, either! I would just try to find a way to learn some bad ass spells to defend myself. Great minds think alike, because they decide to do just that. This is where Kady comes back into the picture, because she is the only one who has really studied battle magic. Speaking of battle magic, why are these students not learning battle magic? Dean Fogg knows about the Beast, so you would think that he would have them learn how to defend themselves. He doesn’t mind them drinking themselves into oblivion, but not learning to defend themselves is unbelievable! Its like taking Defense against the Dark Arts in a practical manner only,but I digress.

Practicing this battle magic did not come easy, because according to Kady, you have to be completely devoid of any emotions that may hold you back from performing. It was very amusing to see them “bottle” their emotions, and you know Penny’s emotions were bottled up when he gave Quentin a compliment. These scenes were my favorites of the whole episode, because it gave us more insight into each character thoughts and feelings. Margo was basically an open book, and it is obvious how much she loves Eliot. I felt bad for her when she wanted to know why they were not friends anymore. Alice was an open book as well, telling Q how much she loved him, and his response was mostly about how messed up he is.

Eliot is the one who I thought we should all be worried about, his emotions, after they were returned to him seemed to be the same, all wooden, like he is not really there. The many layers of Eliot are being peeled away, but it is a very slow process. Despite claiming that he does not remember the books pertaining to Fillory, he recalled that fountain pretty well, and its healing properties. I agree with Margo, there definitely is a lot more wrong with Eliot than a broken leg. I had a feeling that something was going to happen between Margo and Quentin, because they were both drunk, but I never expected a threesome. I felt really bad for Alice, I mean, she was just sitting there at the end of the bed, all heartbroken.

I would not want to be a traveler, even though it sounds super cool to be able to go anywhere my heart desired, it just comes with too much baggage. Penny is once again hearing the voice of the Beast, as well as a high pitched screech! Both sounds just kept getting louder and louder, and Penny seeks help form his mentor. The only help he received was watching that same mentor kill himself right before his very eyes. Penny damn near died of an overdose, and I am glad he made it through. Sunderland, despite her terrible bedside manner, was able to give him some temporary relief from the voice in his head. It is just a temporary fix. however. I just don’t want him to go the way of Joe, his mentor, and the other travelers. You could tell how much he missed Kady.

I loved all the stuff we saw with the Free Traders, and Julia is pretty damn powerful, being able to summon a God like that. I am still not sure what they have planned is a good idea, but they definitely are on to something. I know Richard told Julia that the spell he gave her only worked with her, so it seems like she must be some kind of chosen one, like maybe the most religious,or something. I am looking forward to seeing what three gifts she brings to the God’s disciple! I was not sure whether I liked Julia or not, but she is starting to grow on me. It seems as if she is on the right path, at least I hope so!

I loved every minute of this episode, and how the story just keeps on building upon itself. What did you think of the episode? Do you think they can put their differences aside and work together? Sound off below!

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