The Walking Dead - Episode 613 Sneak Peek: Hostage Negotiations

The Walking Dead – Episode 613 Sneak Peek: Hostage Negotiations

At the end of episode 612, Carol and Maggie were being held hostage by Negan’s erroneously-named Saviors. That ain’t good, but it looks like our gang has some leverage of their own since they’ve got the guy who was on the motorcycle at the end of last week’s episode.

In this sneak peek we revisit the, “We’ve got a Carol and a Maggie” line, only this time from the other walkie-talkie – the one held by Negan’s people. This small group, who quite honestly don’t look very formidable, are watching through binoculars as their hog riding friend gets the snot beat out of him by Daryl.

The female leader of the tiny group seems willing to talk, but she’s insistent things will go her way. I feel sorry for her. If she knew who she was up against she’d know there’s no way things will go her way in the end. Rick and Company kick all the asses!

Episode 613 “The Same Boat” Synopsis:

Two different groups leave Alexandria on supply runs. While both are concerned with the future of the community, immediate danger will derail them.

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