12 Monkeys Season 2 Premiere Online Now image by Syfy

12 Monkeys Season 2 Premiere Online Now!

By: Paul and Caroline Daley
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Can you believe all of the quality TV we have to watch lately? Let’s all just agree the Walking Dead Finale was some weird aberration that shouldn’t taint the overall experience and look at the terrific quantity of great quality shows we have to choose from. One great show that may not be on your radar is 12 Monkeys. With the second season about to jump into a crowded April (can you say Game of Thrones?), this is the perfect time to catch up on season 1.  Syfy is taking a cue from other NBC Universal properties (see USA’s Colony), and making the 12 Monkeys Season 2 premiere available online now! This online debut is WEEKS before the televised premiere, so if you’ve been itching to reconnect with Cole, Cassie, Ramse, and Jones, this will tide you over.  Head over to Syfy‘s 12 Monkeys homepage for more information or just go watch it now! The episode is also available on various On Demand services, the Syfy NOW app, and Hulu.

Here’s a non-spoilery look at what you can expect:

  • Cole and Ramse re-enacting Perfect Strangers in 2016
  • Cassie and Jones re-enacting Back to the Future in 2043
  • Olivia and other monkeys talking up “The Witness” in 2016
  • Weird quasi-religious skin exfoliation ceremonies in 2043

Does that whet your appetite? If I were you, the real question I would have is, “Which one is Balki? Cole or Ramse?” I’m going with… Ramse. It’s pretty clear which one is Doc Brown in 2043.

Look for the official Three If By Space review of the first episode to closely follow the episode’s televised premiere on April 18, 2016.

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