Buffy-issue 25-#10

Buffy the vampire slayer season 10 #25 Review

Buffy 25 cover from Dark horseThe Scoobies are fighting off demons and nasties trying to get through a very large portal from an unknown hell dimension and it seems like all hope is lost to try to close it, unless they would happen to have a sort of inter-dimensional portal key…oh wait…. This review contains some spoilers.

WRITTEN BY: Christos Gage
PENCILS: Megans Levens
INKS: Dan Jackson
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: March 23rd

Yes it seems that Dawn is finally going to find out about her key-powers, she has after all not opened anything since season 5, which if you are a key is actually pretty lazy I think. The only issue with the scenario of Dawn closing the portal and stopping all the creatures from making earth it’s bit..home, is that she will need to do it from inside the hell dimension. So that would mean buh-bye Dawn. There is a lot of discussion back and forth, Buffy saying no, then yes. Spike being very against it, not wanting to part ways with the “little bit”. Giles saying Dawn would be ok as she is practically godlike. Anyway let’s fast forward, Dawn decides to stay and Xander offers to stay with her, as a friend only of course (wink wink). Xander staying angers Ghost-not-Anya as she can not stay in this dimension. ¬†Xander is pretty pleased about this as he tells her she needs to go figure out who she is, because his dead ex girlfriend she is not!

So Dawn and Xander stay and decide to go and see if they can get some grub in this place. I wish them luck, and then we head over to Buffy and co for a short bit as they are mostly flapping about saying stuff to cheer up Buffy. Well everybody expect Spike, he isn’t exactly being the supportive boyfriend, as he can’t understand how Buffy let Dawn stay. As They walk off, they say that after they have taken care of the soul Glutton and the mistress (the whole reason for Buffy not staying with Dawn) they will get back on the case of saving Dawn. Buffy mutters ” I wish they could just disappear so we could take care of Dawn instead”. Guess what…It seems that even if ghost Anya is not Anya she/it is actually a Vengeance demon as she says (to no one, as they can’t see her) “Wish Granted”.

Cut to D’Hoffryn who slaughters the soul glutton and the mistress single-handedly, seems he can do this as it was the wish of Buffy. Before he kills the mistress he confesses to her that he want to have more power and she suggests him getting his hand of the Vampyr book and put that little wish in there, but it seems that this has been D’hoffyns plan all along. As he hangs out with ghost-Anya later on, he tells her she is now his first of many new army of Vengeance demons and that she is a real girl now. Well a real demon anyway, a naughty immortal with the power to grant wishes that always go a bit array.

Right, after being a bit stuck for a few isses I think we are moving along! I have to say I am happy to see the end of the soul glutton and the mistress, I just did not feel them. Archeus was more believable as the big bad but after he buggered of to Magic town to bother Angel, the scoobies adventures have felt a bit disjointed. But I think we are now pulling it back together. It seems the mastermind behind it all is D’hoffryn and now we just have to wait and see what he will do to get his hands on the Vampyr book.



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