Containment: 102 Review “I To Die, You To Live”

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The title of the second episode of Containment is seriously creepy, especially in light of the deadly outbreak that has occurred on this show. The title actually comes from a quote by Socrates, and it fit the episode very well.

The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our separate ways, I to die, and you to live. Which of these two is better only God knows-Socrates

I have been sick since probably Tuesday, and it all started with a tickle in my throat. I started coughing, and the more it tickled, the more I coughed. Now, imagine you are me, sitting in the recliner, watching Containment! I thought to myself maybe I should not be watching this show at this moment in time. You know how you always start feeling worse at night when you are sick? Well, I think that was the beginning of the little bug I have. I was recording the show for review purposes anyway, so I decided to go lay down, and watch it in my room. I will make a long story short, and just say that I could not concentrate on watching it (due to coughing) so I went to bed instead. I slept most all of yesterday, and I am feeling a bit better today, but not much.

I have watched the episode twice now, and I think the city of Atlanta is in for a wild ride. You can always count on some unruly teenagers to ruin the best laid plans. I am really worried about Teresa, our pregnant teenager, who had a friend kiss her several times on the cheek, but the question is when did this kiss occur? This girl seriously did not know the meaning of “four to six feet please” and “no touching”! Before or after the infected girl arrived to the party? We were not really shown, and it is most likely to keep us guessing!  I would hope that the writers would not go there, this show is scary enough.

I love how she thought of her Grams by not giving her the food she brought, in case her friend had infected her. I take care of my mother, and I am constantly washing my heads, and being sick right now is not good. I would be just as panicked as she was, but I think she will be alright. She seemed to be a main character, and the powers that be don’t kill off main characters, right? Especially if they are pregnant?

I feel really bad for Lex as he is stuck in between a rock, and a hard place. His best friend, and his girl is locked inside the cordoned off zone, and he seems to be a ‘by the book” kind of guy. Once again, he sends his friend Jake out to bring the infected girl to the hospital where everyone else is on lock-down. I like Jake, but he needs to curb that temper of his. I was nodding my head in agreement when Katie told him that the kids were handling the situation better than he was. I really hope they don’t rush this relationship, because I have a feeling they are going to need to each other soon. I was glad when he decided to stick around, and help her with the children.

Speaking of Katie, she’s one smart cookie! She noticed that the media noted when Patient Zero died, and that the doctor and her boyfriend died shortly after him. We know, and Katie knows that this is not the case. Could it be that the Dr.Cannerts is right in that everyone’s immune system is different, or he doesn’t really know? As for me, I am wondering if Patient Zero was not, in fact Patient Zero! That thought is probably a little far-fetched, but it did cross my mind!

If I was Jana, I don’t know what I would do about letting people in my personal, sanitized room. I take that back, I do know, my best friend would be in there with me. I don’t know what they are going to do about food though, as it won’t be safe to go out. It seems that no one did the shopping. Leo Green, talk about an over-zealous reporter! Leave it to a reporter to find a story within a story, and he called Lex a hero for preventing a white cop from beating on a black kid. Of course, as fast as he can make him a hero, he can make him a villain, and that’s mostly due to the fact that Lex was not very forthcoming with information. I don’t trust Leo as far as I could throw him!

Since Lex is a by the book kind of guy, he will follow all orders that he is given, but it sure did not set well with him that he had to sit back, and allow shipping containers to completely block off the zone from anyone entering or exiting. The first episode started with day 13, and went backward to show us the very beginning. By episode two, we were at night one, which should lead us to day 13, and we have 11 more episodes to see how the story unfolds. What did you think of the episode? It makes you want to go out and buy face masks and the whole nine, doesn’t it?

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