Fear The Walking Dead Review- Ep 203 ‘Ouroboros’

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There was a giant ‘Easter Egg’ in this week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead! Ouroboros, the third episode in the second season, payed homage if you will, to it’s companion and long running series, The Walking Dead! Nick, covered in blood and gore from an infected, stole the whole show when he had a face to face stare down it! It was epic! This goes to show, that this series is progressing nicely. Invisibility by stinking goo, was discovered before Rick and the gang did it! Yay for Nick!


A whole bunch, is going on in this episode. Right off the bat, we are taken to survivors of Flight 462. We finally have a survivor worth noting from the web series, Flight 462! She is a sweetheart so far, saving the young kid Jake, who is badly burned, from the wreck. And also from some big, dickhead of a man, who wants to kill him because of fear of the infected!. Alex, (yes, her name is Alex, not Charlie), protects Jake, by killing the fat guy and throwing him out of the raft! Great for Alex. Played by Michelle Ang, (@TheMichelleAng), I love this character, and can’t wait to see what she brings to the show! I’m excited!


The yacht has run into some mechanical problem, and won’t run. Don’t worry, it’s just a bunch of parts and pieces from an infected guy, that got sucked up in the filtering system. Ewww! Strand demands that Travis go in the water, under the boat and check it out and fix it. Travis doesn’t like being talked to like a servant, and Strand apologizes, (I think). There are a few scary moments when Travis is underwater, as Maddie watches, the corpse pops up! Whew, for a minute I thought the thing got Travis!

Our group see the baggage that has washed up on the beach, and because they need supplies, the kids want to go check it out. Maddie doesn’t like the idea and Daniel says he will go with them and try and keep them safe. When they get to the shore, Daniel tells them to stay together and make it quick, but kids will be kids!  Chris goes wandering and comes across part of the planes cabin. Inside he finds a few infected still strapped in their seats. He goes to one, and quickly taunts and kills it. Another passenger opens his eyes and asks for help. Chris gets his seatbelt undone, and lowers him to the floor. Chris then sees that this man has no chance! His spine is sticking out of his back. He gives him a drink and while the man is begging, kills him with blows to the head. This is Chris’ first human kill! Ya gotta do, what ya gotta do in this world!


Somewhere in the midst of things, Maddie approaches Strand about his destination. Strand knows that Daniel has sneaked a peek at the maps, and Strand is not happy. He ask if Maddie trusts him. But does he trust her? I think we will have an ongoing battle between these two, as long as they are in the same boat. He lets the cat out of the bag finally. They are going to a town in Mexico, where there is a safe house. His house, he says. It has food, water and concrete walls. Maddie lets him know that he is taking all of them with. She is not about to let him abandon them somewhere. That is what I think he has planned to do all along. She also tells Travis that they must trust Strand and they are going with him.

Chris wasn’t the only one to go off on his own. Nick and Alicia decide to go look for Chris and Daniel, when a bag catches Nick’s drug sniffing persona. She goes on ahead and he finds a bag of much needed antibiotics. remember, Ofelia needs them badly. Along with the pills, he finds a rosary and puts it in his pocket. He hears a noise and while investigating, finds an infected stuck in a sand pit. The guy is eating crabs and they crabs are crawling out of his stomach! Ewww! Going to close to the sandy edge, he falls in and has to fight off the creep, finally killing him with a knife from his pocket! The ruckus draws in another one that promptly falls down in the sand pit with them!


While Daniel is searching for them all, he sees a girl running down the dune. Thinking it is Alicia, he calls her name. He then sees it is not her and sees the reason she is running. A hoard of infected, from the plane wreck, are following her. She tells him to run!


They meet up with Chris and Alicia and the battle begins! Daniel uses all of his ammo as he tries taken down as many as he can. Chris and Alicia, along with Alex, battle with whatever they can find. As Alicia nearly gets bitten, a bloody, gore covered Nick, steps in and takes the infected out! (This is when the stare down occurs). They regroup and decide to run for the raft.


Maddie has seen what is going on from the yacht, just as Travis gets the repair done. Our group reaches the raft on the shore, and Alex says they need to make a stop first. Jake! They pick up the airplane raft, with Jake inside, and tow it to the yacht. When they reach the boat, Strand is not happy. He will not allow any other people on the boat,  and they all fight about it. They decide to give Alex and Jake, food and water and tow them behind. I guess this is all we could hope for considering that Strand is an asshole! When everything seems calm, Strand strides right up to the tow rope, and cut it with a knife, releasing the airplane raft, and Alex and Jake to the sea.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Do you agree with me, that each week, it is getting better? Let me know what you think!

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