Gotham Episode 217 Review: Into The Woods

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After a rough episode and a week hiatus Gotham is back and delving deeper into insanity.  I can’t say that I was surprised that they decided to kill off Elijah, aka Penguin’s father, but what I was surprised about was the fact that they did it so soon. It broke my heart so much watching Penguin’s pain and suffering through this loss.  I’m sure that this will get better from him but seriously, I hate that he’s going through this whole thing right now. This show has such a good way of making you sympathetic towards the real villains, and Cobblepot is a real villain (no matter how much I love him).  Now, let’s talk about true evil: Barbara Kean! She’s awake and… sane? I guess she’s decided to go back to normal, but I have to admit I’m with Ms. Peabody on this one; Barbara’s such a wretch that she HAS to have something up her sleeve. She wasn’t ever “treated” like Oswald, so she didn’t have any of that normality shoved down her throat. Now that’s she’s released in the world, what’s next?

Image Courtesy of Fox

Image Courtesy of Fox

Oh man, I got so bummed out that Gordon went to Nygma with the tape, but wow Cory Michael Smith was giving it his all in this scene.  The best part about this scene is how well they play off of each other. Both Gordon and Nygma knew the whole time but Nygma actually got the upper hand on this one. It was such a crazy idea that Gordon could get out of this mess, but the plan that they formulate to get Gordon off the hook and get Nygma behind bars is so smart!  Once again this episode comes with all sorts of twists and turns that I just did not see coming.  Another big deal was Bruce’s exploration of the great outdoors.  He’s spent the past few months on the streets with Selina and finally came to his senses that the whole idea was crazy and that learning the ways would not help him figure out anything about his past.  Also I think that Alfred’s stern talking to helped push Bruce in the right direction. Now that both Bruce and Gordon are looking more and more into the death of Bruce’s parents with new glasses I wonder if the pieces of the puzzle will come together faster!

Penguin…. Penguin, Penguin, Penguin. Wow! I had a feeling that he was going to snap once his dad died, but I did not see it happening this way.  The fact that they didn’t throw the poison away was their own fault, and they really deserved what they got! I gasped aloud when Penguin broke the news that the roast was the brother and sister, and then the best part was when he stabbed his “step mother”! She really deserved that, especially since she killed Elijah, even though it was unintentional it was still her original intentions.  Now that the Penguin is back to his old self and Barbara got to Jim, things seem like Gotham is going to go back to normal. I can’t wait to see what’s next, I know I say this every time, but they really have stepped up their game this season and every single episode ends of such a great cliffhanger!  Stay tuned here for more Gotham news!

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