New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Trailer: The Dead Are Coming (So Is Winter)

By: Robert Prentice
game of thrones hbo

Season 6 of Game Of Thrones is nearing and another trailer drops giving us an even clearer picture of the story arcs this season. From Sansa and her escape from the Boltons, and Daenerys in captivity, to Brans return and Cersei claiming retribution for the ‘suffering’ she went through. Lets be honest, do we really feel sorry for Cersei? Not even a little? Me either.

Check out the new trailer below and find out just how many more seasons HBO has planned for the series.

Author George R.R. Martin recently stated that the most recent installment in the A Song of Ice and Fire series would not be finished in time for the start of the new season. That means for the first time in the shows history, previously unread story plots will be aired ahead of the books, which leaves the advantage that book fans had in the wind, leaving them on level playing field with those who have not read the books.

Martin also stated that the series has been moving away from its source material in several areas for some time now, so while the new season will delve into areas that are otherwise uncharted, its a mixed bag as to whether it will actually spoil the upcoming book. His response to the question was “yes and no”.

On the idea of more seasons beyond season 6, which is already ahead of the books, HBO programming president Michael Lombardo confirmed that discussions on seasons 7 and 8 are underway. He told press at the annual TCA press tour, but would not elaborate any further. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that HBO wants to continue its power house show, which has repeatedly made the list as top pirated show online. The season 5 finale of the series drew in over 8 million viewers and has a huge international following.

The new season has revealed very little so far, one image of Bran Stark, and more teases about Jon Snow. So tell us what you are most excited to learn more about.

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